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Introduction to the Hobbyist Miner GPU Hangers

Greetings all minors and hobbyist mining enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the world of GPU hangers, specifically the remarkable Hobbyist Miner GPU Hangers. These cleverly designed and extremely functional accessories are amongst the top-tier tools in any serious miner’s arsenals.

I am particularly thrilled about these GPU hangers because even though these tools carry my brand and logo, they are entirely the fruit of the labor of the team at Misfits Mining and Chump Change. Yes, I don’t take any profit or commission from the sales of these; it is the pure joy of being part of this growing, learning, and mining community that propels me and my brand forward.

Detailed Overview of the Hobbyist Miner GPU Hangers

Colours and Components

These 3D printed GPU hangers are available in two colours – a vibrant red or a sleek black. The first product is a red GPU hanger. When you buy this product, it comes with several items, starting with standoffs, which are conventionally found for motherboards and your power supply.

These standoffs can be attached easily onto a metal rack for added convenience. Also included in this kit are six total hangers, graced with the Hobbyist Miner logo for that unique branding touch. A screw is also included for effortless installation, which we’ll touch on later.

Special Inclusions

For all you fans out there, the red GPU hangers kit comes with an additional surprise – a unique Chump Change XD sticker and a Hobbyist Miner sticker as a token of appreciation and to boost your mining gear aesthetics.

The Black Hangers

Now let’s talk about the second product, the black Hobbyist Miner GPU hangers. This product carries the same quality and functionality, just in a different colour. On the bottom side of these hangers, you’ll find the Hobbyist Miner text branding, along with the logo on the side.

How to Install Hobbyist Miner GPU Hangers

Installation Guidelines

To start, you have to unscrew the screw on the side and insert the GPU into the hanger. After that, put the screw back in and tighten it. And voila, your GPU hanger is ready to be hung onto the rack.

These hangers are designed to hang conveniently from the top side and are accessible from every angle, providing you with a stress-free mining experience.

Handling Older Card Hangers

In the case of an older card, like the ones with a DVI port, the X-support factor can be a hindrance while installing. Do not worry! Just grab a plier, break these X-support structures off, and you’re good to go!

Hanging Hangers

Hanging Instructions

To hang these hangers, bring them to the rod of the rack, line up the hanger with the rod correctly, and fit it in. Now, your hardware is hung flawlessly and will stay in place securely.

An additional advantage of these hangers is that you can shift them around the rack as per your preference and requirement, hence making them a genuinely versatile tool in your mining journey.

If you need to work on your GPU, it’s as simple as holding the hanger, pulling it back, and down, enabling effortlessly dismounting.

Final Notes

In essence, the Hobbyist Miner GPU hangers are the best GPU hangers you could have in your mining set up. The link to both the red and black ones is given below. A big shout-out to the guys over at Misfits Mining and Chump Change for creating these fantastic tools.

Keeping you updated with such exciting tools and advancements in the world of miner hobbyists is what keeps us going. Feel free to drop a like if you enjoyed the article and do make sure to subscribe for more updates. Happy mining, everyone!

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  1. Where did you get the stands or racks from? I've been watching your videos and you do a pretty good job at explaining everything. Thanks, Did you say on one of the videos you are from PA. Im in central PA or west of harrisburg

  2. Hanging gpus on wired frame is by far the best way to setup your rig, not only can you allow more space and avoid the heatwave chain(hang them in zigzag formation rather than one after the next sardine formation) that exist in the traditional mining frame, you also save significantly on the cost too(fans not needed). I got a 3 layered wired shelf myself for $100aud that fits 3 (6-8 gpus per rig) rigs easy. Hope this doesn't become mainstream though as there would be no wired shelf in stock or they will be 3x the price, lol.

  3. Thanks HM for the walk-through! That is so helpful to know that you can break off the X's. I would have been too scared to do that without seeing it done first. I just ordered the red HM hangers. Plus I need that ChumpChange sticker to complete my MM sticker collection.

  4. I feel like making that lip that just rests on the side, vs the one the wrapsish around, the resting top side could just be 3mm longer can even take 1mm away from bottom of mouth, further ensuring the user any bumps or different sized grates could be used. Otherwise that's an amazing design

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