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Thank you guys for joining us today. I am here with David and Raul, both of us are co-leading the immersion hurdles word stream, which is one of the most exciting and productive working groups. This group is designed as an incubator workstream to support the industry towards the journey of implementing immersion cooling solutions, understand current challenges, and foster discussion leading to new workstreams to address those concerns.

Our Main Objective

Our main objective is to drive the adoption of production-ready immersion cooling by providing robust solutions for operational soundness of the technology. We have been engaging the community, users, integrators, and suppliers with a roadmap and fostering discussions with new workstreams to solve these hurdles together.

System Operations of Immersion Cooling

One of our main focus areas at the moment is on system operations of immersion cooling, understanding what it takes to bring that equipment in operation and maintain it. This includes server maintenance, IT equipment cleaning, fluid lifecycle management, and unifying approaches for operations for different form factors.

To involve the industry, we have been hosting experts in the field to address topics such as leakage detection and technology integration.

Leakage Detection and Integration

We had a session where industry participants presented their insights and provided excellent discussion about leakage detection and technology integration. This session can be found recorded and accessible for the community to view and gain valuable insights.

Collaboration Through Fluid Analysis

In our calls, we encourage the sharing of existing experiences in other industries and transferring that knowledge to the immersion cooling sector. One example includes understanding fluid behavior in the tanks by analyzing parameters online, detailed analysis of fluid properties, and storing that data in the cloud for predictive modeling.

This is done with the support and contribution from participants, working to improve and advance the immersion cooling technology.

Understanding Market Needs

We have initiated a questionnaire to understand the voice of the market, which includes customers, producers, integrators, and designers. The purpose is to gather feedback on the current state of immersion cooling and identify areas for improvement. This survey will be conducted annually with the support of the OCP marketing team to involve as many participants as possible.

Integrated Solution: Modular Data Center

Another driver for immersion cooling adoption is the development of an integrated solution, such as the open-source modular data center. With the removal of the dividing barrier between IT equipment and facility equipment, it is crucial to have a completed integrated solution.

Our current work involves creating an open-source modular data center approach that can be adopted by various stakeholders such as designers, end customers, integrators, and contractors to build modular data centers based on immersion cooling.


We appreciate your active participation and encourage you to join our workstream, share your experience and obstacles, and work together in progressing the immersion cooling technology.

Addressing the Fluid Debate

In response to a question about the choice between traditional oil and pfas materials, we acknowledged the ongoing debate in the industry while emphasizing that our group is driven by the community and their concerns. As such, we are open to discussions and debates on this topic, as well as welcoming contributions on alternative solutions for two-phase and single-phase immersion cooling technologies.

Progressing Together

With the support of the community and industry participants, we aim to continue fostering discussions, sharing knowledge, and collaborating in the development of efficient and sustainable immersion cooling solutions for various applications. Join us in our mission to accelerate the transition and make immersion cooling the future of data center technology.

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