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The Exciting Return to Content Creation

Hello miners, it feels good to be back in the scene of content creation after a long and tiring couple of weeks. I am thrilled that they are behind me. However, I do understand that many of you have missed out on the content and updates from the Hobbyist Miner channel. Today, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the 50,000 subscriber giveaway event celebration.

Rescheduling the 50,000 Subscriber Giveaway Event

Many of you have approached me about this event, expressing both upset and support. I do appreciate the understanding from all of you. Having to cancel the event on the day was indeed tough. However, fear not. We are moving ahead, rescheduling the event, and all those who entered the giveaway are still considered for it. The new date and time for the giveaway and the 50,000 subscriber live event will be April 9th at 1PM Eastern.

Gearing Up for the New Giveaway Event

For this monumental event, I want to extend a huge shout out to our excited sponsors, Octominer, GPU Risers, the Meter Box, Cryptoe.co, and DogeLord Coffee. They have generously carried over their partnership with the Hobbyist Miner brand and backed the rescheduled event.

The event will span over two hours. From 1 pm to 2 pm, we will conduct giveaways aimed at the live audience. These include Octominer mystery boxes, GPU riser six-packs, Meter Boxes, Crypti.co sweatshirt and mystery box combos, and bags of DogeLord coffee. Simultaneously, we will release secret codes, which will provide additional entries into the massive giveaway that follows.

More Opportunities to Win

Whether or not you can join the live stream, there is a gleam.io link for you to enter the massive giveaway that will be triggered at 2 p.m. There will be ten winners in total, winning the Octominer X8 Ultra Plus case, GPU riser 12 GPU white mining frames, 10 capacitor risers from GPURisers.com, Meter Boxes, Crypti.co sweatshirt and mystery box combos, and additional bags of coffee from DogeLord.com.

Updates and Upcoming Ventures

While I am super excited about the forthcoming event, there are loads of other updates in play. To start with, my wife and I have decided to cash out some Bitcoin and Ethereum to complete our long-standing basement project. With the completion of the basement in sight, we have also purchased a 6×8 plastic garden storage shed.

Enter: The Crypto Mining Shed

While it’s not my ultimate long-term mining vision, the shed will serve as a decent space for housing some of the larger miners I have procured. I have an S19j Pro from Watom, which unfortunately, is too powerful, loud, and heat-emitting to utilize in my current mining room. This outdoor shed will be my solution to house these full-blown ASIC miners, among other projects.

Collaborations and Partnerships

In other news, the Hobbyist Miner brand has teamed up with Jingle Mining to bring you a cracking open video of the infamous Jazz Miner, due for release on Wednesday. Looking forward, our imminent partnerships with Octominer, SK Mining, and PoloCrypto, will bring you a host of videos talking about server cases.

Teaming Up with Red Panda Mining

Finally, I am excited to announce that we have teamed up with Red Panda Mining for the month of April. We are collaborating with Meter Box who will provide two Radeon RX 6600s for our users. For every five dollars spent on their site gives you one entry into the giveaway, using the checkout code ‘hobbyist’ will even get you a discount.

Focused on the Road Ahead

I deeply appreciate your understanding and patience over the past couple of weeks. I am thoroughly eager to execute the upcoming massive giveaway event and bring you fresh content promptly. So, without further ado, let’s look forward to our mutual journey in crypto mining. Stay tuned for the Jazz miner video on Wednesday and the massive giveaway on Saturday. Happy Mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. absolutely amazing giveaways wish i could be there! Thank you for this and the amazing content you create. I hope you and your family are doing well!! people need to realize life happens, you are human and you have a life outside of your creation!! I hope everyone has tons of fun on the giveaways!! good luck everyone!

  2. When you review the Jasminer, please attempt to debunk if it really is a cloud mining scam like most think it to be. Why does it need 30 minutes of running before it can mine, why can't you use it on other pools, and also test if the hashrate drops if you disable a fan or 2 like any other thermal throttling GPU/ASIC/FPGA would. Please also address the fact that it will no longer be able to mine Ethereum in a few months due to 5gb memory, even if POS gets delayed.

  3. life happens and takes you away from the things you want to do. I hope your situations wasnt bad and I'm happy to see you making content again. Im looking forward to the live stream, hope I'll beable to join…. work and all. If not I wish you a Happy Birthday and congrats to the winners 🙂

  4. Glad that things have settled down so you can get back to making content again. looking forward to the livestream though not sure I can make it. Take Care and Mine On!

  5. I don't get it there selling the meter box for 50 usd. All you get Is s 3d printed thing not even the electronics…. how do they remotely think that a thing you can get off thingaverse is worth $50 can some 1 enlighten me??

  6. Unfortunately had to switch off my miner due to 50% increase in electricity costs in UK about $0.50 per kWh now, need to install some solar before I start mining again

  7. Welcome back and happy to hear all is good, I had been looking to get in to cases for my rigs so I don't have grow tents every where for just one or two rigs but living in the UK England am limited to Europe or within the UK due to shipping costs as well as costs to change currency from my bank. Managed to find a place that sells cases just have to get the fans, psu, mobo, cpu, drive for os and then the cards which for this case will be 6. So will be checking out the case video's as may end up going a different way for running/cooling my rigs.
    Oh good luck with your shed and finishing off the basement ⛏👷‍♂

  8. Bro definitely take care of home stuff, it usually a forgotten thing when your hard charging a business. Congratulations on all your partnerships. I am excited for the shed because thats what i am looking to do when I expand.

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  10. Twinci is a coin that has great potential and is worth investing some money in Twinci. The market cap of this coin is very small and this coin soon will have very large growth. Twinci to the moon

  11. Thank you for doing all of this. The information you put out is invaluable and to do a giveaway on top of that is amazing. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all the help you have given me.

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