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Crypto Mining Giveaway with Hobbyist Miner

Who doesn’t love giveaways? This time around, we are offering more than just an exciting event – we are offering you an opportunity to enter the world of crypto mining hassle-free! We are giving away a sleek, efficient, and top-of-the-range mini ASIC miner by the end of this article, so stay tuned to learn how you can secure this game-changing device and unlock your crypto mining potential.

Unboxing the Kadena Miner

The fantastic mini ASIC miner ceding by us was graciously forwarded from our friends over at Coin Mining Central, who along with being great partners, have generously sponsored this giveaway. The device we’re unloading today is the powerful, efficient GoldShell KD Box Pro. For those unaware, this is a Kadena miner, a notable GoldShell flagship that has won over several mining enthusiasts for its incredible capacity.

Specifications of the GoldShell KD Box Pro

The KD Box Pro offers 2.6 terahash performance at an astonishing rate of 230 watts. It comes with a monstrous power cable and a wireless antenna to be fixed at the back. This miner boasts of an ethernet port along with a six-pin port. Its design is pretty straightforward โ€“ it includes an exhaust side at the back and an intake side at the front. Despite its powerful performance, the GoldShell KD Box Pro does not emit excessive heat and is perfect for mining Kadena coins.

Why Choose Kadena?

Kadena coins have garnered much attention and popularity in recent times, thanks to their increased yields. Mining Kadena puts users in a great spot with promising profits, even in bearish trends. The best aspect? It’s not greatly affected by the upcoming Ethereum merge, unlike other proof-of-work coins. One requires an ASIC or a mini ASIC like the GoldShell KD Box Pro for mining Kadena as GPUs do not support it.

Entering the Giveaway

With a huge price drop, this is the perfect timer to invest in Kadena miners. Considering its capacity and low power consumption, the ROI can be pretty lucrative, making this giveaway extremely rewarding. To secure this mini ASIC miner, simply participate in the competition that we’ve organized in partnership with Coin Mining Central.

Head over to Gleam.io and register for the giveaway. Provide your email address and follow the simple steps mentioned to pave your way for victory. The options available for entering the giveaway stand as follows –

* Visit and follow Coin Mining Central on Instagram.
* Follow Coin Mining Central on Twitter and retweet the giveaway tweet.
* Visit and like Coin Mining Central’s Facebook page.
* Sign up for Coin Mining Central’s newsletter.
* Visit and subscribe to the Hobbyist Miner YouTube channel.
* Join the Hobbyist Miner Discord Server.
* Follow Hobbyist Miner on Twitter.

The more steps you follow, the higher your chances of winning this incredible miner. On September 15th, the winner will be announced live on the Hobbyist Miner channel.


We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge shoutout to Coin Mining Central for not only providing the miner for this giveaway but also for supporting the Hobbyist Miner initiative. We strongly recommend all our followers and readers to check out their services for all your crypto-mining needs.

Make sure to go through all the rules of the giveaway thoroughly and follow them properly for a fair chance of winning. We are thrilled to be hosting yet another spectacular event and we can’t wait to see your participation.

And that’s all for today! If you enjoyed this article, please give it a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe. We wish you the best of luckโ€”may the best miner win.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. just started mining only got 2 GPUs 3060Ti and Rx 6600 I also just started my YouTube channel I would love any type of miner or GPU to test hopefully one day I can thanks ๐Ÿ™

  2. I hope I win this but if I don't I hope someone gets it that can actually use it and make a difference and genuinely wants to use it and take care of it like I do good luck to everyone! Wish me luck!

  3. Got a ipollo miner 3 weeks ago. Took me 3 almost 4 months of full on saving up my money to do. My mom was looking at me like I was crazy because I spent $2,650. Lol I hope to save up again and buy one of the pro miners. Hopefully the prices drop a good amount so I can get one in about a month or less

  4. Very well prepared and well edited video ! I support a few people in hunger and I deliver to them 40% of my miner profit, anyone you give miner to me support kids hunger for lifetime of the line I can provide money transfer showing the charity support, if you want those receipts please contact me help me let my dream come true to support 50 kids in Haiti for 2022 and 100 on 2023

  5. As a disabled vet, i have only one small rig of gtx 1660's thats all that does 90.23 MH/s . Dont have any asic because of price. I have 26 kadena that i purchased

  6. Iโ€™m a new miner and would really love this to keep my hobby going as I had to sell most of my single rig as electricity is too high, I would love an efficient miner to be able to keep my hobby alive

  7. I travel for work for a living and live in a camper (caravan). I have 2 of these running and they really are super quite. Easy to use. I just completed a whole week, the two together produce 2.3 KDA consistently.

  8. Nice video I will get one next yr I hope when the va gives me a cost of living increase. Being a disabled vet suck on limited income I am starting mining been four months but no prints yet. Hope it changes soon

  9. Not sure about the newer firmware, but you can under lock box miners on 2.2.1 . I set my fan up and reduced clocks to 450mhz, dropped power under 150w !

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