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Introducing: The Hobbyist Miner Channel Rig Build Day

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, few things are as exciting as Rig Build Day. This is the day when all the preparation, purchasing, and planning comes to fruition as we assemble our latest mining rig. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into our most recent Rig Build Day, and share some of the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

The Exciting Arrival of Care Packages

Rig Build Day kicked off with the arrival of two care packages from Krypti.co, a renowned cryptocurrency merchandising company. From Bitcoin beanies to Ravencoin t-shirts, Krypti.co provided a wealth of goodies to amp up the excitement for the day ahead.

A First Look at the Hardware

After opening the care packages, it was time to get down to business. We laid out all our components, ready for assembly.

The backbone of our build was a Vetta frame, paired with a 650-watt EVGA fully modular power supply and a 1200-watt HP power supply. The refreshed board was further bolstered by a solid cooler master heatsink, sourced from an MSI RX 580. The motherboard contained a built-in wireless feature, a perfect fit for our mining rig setup.

Contact with Crypto Legends

Our mining rig was powered by GPUs from cryptomining legend Red Fox Crypto. These included both the RTX 2060 Founders Edition and the 1070TI, both of which we presented in previous videos. The GPUs were freshly bought from them, further adding to the allure and expectation of successful mining.

The GPU Powerhouse

Our GPU lineup consisted of four 1070TI’s, complemented by the 2060 Founder Edition and a Gigabyte 2060 Super, all expected to offer high hash rates for flux. When considering power usage, we gave ourselves leeway to account for potential growth, with our 1200-watt and 650-watt power supplies providing more than sufficient capacity.

First-time Rig Assembly Challenges

Like with any first-time building project, we encountered some speed bumps. With five out of six cards detected, the sixth card proved to be a challenging addition. After troubleshooting and changes in the BIOS settings, we finally discovered that disabling onboard integrated graphics and enabling 4G decoding solved our problem. This minor victory, though seemingly insignificant, underscores the importance of perseverance when tackling unfamiliar territory.

The Successful Assembly

Finally, with all six cards up and running, the final assembly comprised of connecting the miners to the chassis. Cooling fans handled the temperature management, while regular and extended PCI cables handled power routing. The built-in WiFi on our rig’s motherboard was a perfect fit for our setting, seamlessly connecting us to Hive OS right from the start.

Flux Mining with Our New Rig

We loaded up the rig with mining power, and within a short time had begun mining flux at an impressive hash rate of 260 souls. We used the high performing Mini Z on minerpool.org to achieve this remarkable result. Our overclock setting of 150 core, 750 memory, and power limit of 150 watts per GPU helped stabilize our rig while allowing for power-dependent growth.

Powering Profits

After setting up and overclocking everything, we were eager to see the results. With an electricity cost of 0.057, our revenue stood at 19.38 cents per day, meaning our profit was 18.01 per day. Extrapolating the whole thing for an entire year, our rig is expected to make us $6573.65 annually. An excellent result for our Flux mining rig.


In conclusion, Rig Build Day has proven to be a day of excitement, learning, and ultimate success. Our six GPU Flux mining rig, assembled with parts from reputable sources, has proven its power. This build day only further fuels our passion for crypto mining, and we look forward to many more successful builds in the future.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. How much would it cost to build your exact same rig? Most importantly, how much if you build it, test it, and ship it to me? LOL, I run two businesses that pretty much run me and really want to get into mining but I do not have the knowledge of the hardware and how to put it all together and set it up. The second thing I don't have this time.

  2. Yo great video, could you please make a list of all the parts on like amazon. Or a recommendation on parts to get atleast the same power as you on this video.

    Im new and I want to start to mine flux.
    Budget $2-4k will that be sufficient?

  3. Thank you for the video and the flux give away video. What’s your thoughts on buying GPU’s from eBay? That’s the only place where I can get them atm, but I’m a bit hesitant. Let me know what you think. Thanks again.

  4. Grate vid, just two comments
    1. Red panda also have trouble shooting 😄
    2. Regarding card not recognise, since the MB is lanes limited controller, so i think your comment will help a lot of new miners that have issues using more then 5 cards, thanks for that

  5. This got 6 AMD 6000 series cards working without issue on a Z390-P, well except my Asus ROG RX 6600 XT not wanting to be OCed. Might need to bios flash it. Funny enough I was 95% of the way of figuring out the issue on my own from reading Reddit threads.

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