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In this article, we’re going to discuss the updates on the HVAC setup in a crypto mining basement. We’ll look into the current room temperature, the passive vents used for bringing in cool air, the 12-inch fans used to suck the hot air out, and the push-pull effect that it creates. We’ll also touch on the need for additional insulation and filters, and briefly talk about future plans for moving the gear back into the mining room once the electric outlets and foam insulation are in place.

Room Temperature and Passive Vents

As mentioned in our last video, the room temperature has been getting really hot lately, reaching around 85 degrees due to the ongoing mining operations. The mining gear has temporarily been moved out of the mining room and into the room adjacent to that room so that some work can be done inside.

The passive vents, which are four-inch circular vents, help bring in fresh air from outside. However, since this air can contain pollen and other particles, it is essential to find a way to filter the air coming in. If you have any recommendations for a four-inch circular filter, please let us know in the comments.

12-Inch Fans for Extracting Hot Air

In a previous video, we discussed using two 12-inch fans to suck the hot air out of the mining room. These fans were initially hooked up to a register box and reducer and then connected to six-inch vents that go outside. However, due to the time constraints, it was decided to temporarily build these fans into the window of the current room where the mining gear is set up.

The fans are securely mounted onto boards, which are placed in the window space. Additional 2x4s and a board on top of the window are used to ensure the whole setup remains inaccessible and secure from the outside.

Fan Controller and Effectiveness

The fans come with a fan controller that allows users to adjust their speed. On the highest setting, these fans can operate at around 1620 CFM. Upon turning the fans on, the room temperature quickly drops to a more comfortable 74 degrees.

The effectiveness of these fans also positively impacts the performance of the passive vents. With the fans sucking air out, the vents end up creating a push-pull effect, pulling cool air into the room at a faster rate. This results in cool air pouring into the room, making it feel as though the air conditioner is on.

Planning for the Future

With this temporary setup in place, it’s expected that the working conditions in the basement will improve significantly. In the meantime, work will continue on the actual mining room. This includes adding electric outlets for 240 volts, installing foam insulation to properly seal the room, and adding an external-rated metal door for added security.

When the mining gear is moved back into the mining room, the two 12-inch fans will be installed there as well. Additional passive vents may be added to provide even more airflow.

In conclusion, as the weather continues to get hotter, it’s important to find ways to keep the mining operations cool, while simultaneously maintaining a comfortable working environment in the basement. The use of passive vents and fans to create a push-pull effect for airflow has been effective in achieving this goal. As work continues on the mining room and the HVAC setup, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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  1. How many degrees do you think the windows fans dropped your basement temp? I'm in Delaware, and my basement is a solid 86F. Would like to add more cards/rigs but feel I'm close to maxed out.

  2. Filter the part where the air comes in originally on the outside otherwise your ducts are going to buildup with particles. Filter the beginning of the line– not the end

  3. Great progress! Yes I think you will need more air coming in. Would it be possible to seal off the space between about 3 studs and the wall as an air intake? Maybe then use a grill filter holder the same as some hvac systems holding something common like 16 x 20 or 16 x 25 filter placed close to the floor?

  4. I'm doing something similar, I found a hvac "filter box" by AC Infinity on Amazon that takes a standard home hvac filter. But it's kinda pricey. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 👍😁

  5. 1 thing I would recommend is having the incoming fresh air outlets as low to the ground as possible. That way you have cold air coming from underneath everything and moving up to the exhaust!

  6. here in canada you just have to open the door in the basement and put reversible window fan in the window and at night just get cold air outside.

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