Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm: Immersive Experience & Profitability

immersion bitcoin crypto mining farm

A First-Time Crypto Miner’s Winter Experience

As a new crypto miner who started back in February, I’ve never experienced mining during the winter season. Nine months into this exciting journey, I currently have around 50 GPUs and am constantly expanding. With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, my mining setup has been evolving to accommodate the colder weather.

Mining in the Basement

The basement of my house is where the mining rigs are set up, in a dedicated room. I’m currently in the process of renovating the basement, with insulation being installed and plans for a drop ceiling. The mining room connects to my office, and it’s important to ensure the space is well-insulated, so heat doesn’t make its way up to the living room above.

Within the mining room, I have three 30 amp 240 volt connections and a power meter. Intakes and exhausts have been installed to manage airflow in the space, utilizing AC Infinity inline fans. This helps to maintain reasonable temperatures and ensure the GPUs don’t overheat while mining.

Accommodating Winter

With the onset of winter, I have been switching the roles of the intake and exhaust fans throughout my mining room. This has allowed me to keep the temperature of the room between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To further improve airflow, I’ve installed passive intakes and filters, which will make it easier to maintain a stable temperature.

As a future improvement, I plan to build a sleeve for easy installation and removal of filters over the intake fans. This will make cleaning and replacing filters much more manageable, contributing to a more efficient mining setup.

Evolution of the Mining Room

The mining room has undergone significant changes over the past few months, with the goal of reaching an optimum temperature for the GPUs. Ventilation, insulation, and airflow have been prioritized and adjusted accordingly. Currently, my system is working well, but I am continuously looking for ways to improve my setup.

The Grow Tent Adventure

Throughout the summer, I utilized a grow tent to house some of my mining rigs. This helped to keep the devices cool during the warmer months. However, now that winter has arrived, the grow tent is no longer necessary. Instead, I will be packing up the tent and using the space in the basement for other purposes.

Even though the grow tent will be put away for now, it has been a valuable learning experience for me. Managing airflow within the confines of the tent has taught me valuable lessons that can be applied to my main mining room. In the future, I may utilize this knowledge in a future shed build.

Future Mining Expansion Plans

As winter progresses, I’ll continue to refine and optimize my mining setup. This includes investing in server cases, new GPU rigs, automating temperature management, and incorporating intake and exhaust systems. The goal is to continue expanding my mining operation, potentially reaching the point where an external shed build becomes necessary.

Moreover, as I grow my crypto mining enterprise, I’m focusing on efficient power use and overall profitability. One attractive feature of mining during winter is that the colder temperatures can reduce the power needed for cooling purposes, leaving more available for mining.


This crypto mining winter experience has been an enlightening and rewarding journey. Adjusting and optimizing the mining setup to accommodate changing temperatures and seasons has made me appreciate the importance of airflow management and insulation. As I continue to expand my mining operation, I will undoubtedly learn even more valuable lessons and share them with the growing crypto mining community. Leave a comment down below to share your own crypto mining winter experiences and preparations, and let’s learn together!

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  1. Hi all, I have a silly question. Since I am from Europe, approximately during the year a few months is winter with low degrees (0 or below 0-celsius degrees). How much of that advantage I can use to keep my rig cool. What are the restrictions on using this kind of cooling – at what minimum I should keep my room cooled down. Can cold surroundings harm the mining rig?

  2. i put my mining rig in my glass closed balcony since where I'm from it's always below 0 C (32 F) in the winter. 3080 ti are at low fan setting at 45 C. does putting my rig outside in the cold affect and ruin my card?

  3. do your neighbors know what you do?? the like 6 exhaust looks sketcky if not lol love your channel though very helpful i plan to build my "farm" in a month or 2

  4. my first winter too,started in april before the london fork,hoping to expand a bit since i've already ROI my first investment for the rig.
    wish i had started before,so i could have had already more than 3 gpus,but i guess its okay for now.

  5. I only have five GPUs, including my gaming pc. Temps arent really a problem in the winter, but last summer I started to feel the heat lol 🤣
    Me and my gf are thinking about buying a house tho, so that should fix all the future problems. Plan is to heat up the house with GPUs during the winter and vent the heat outside during summer. We shall see how it all works out.

  6. great content thanks. Me I'm moving 2 rig in basement and 1 in room upstairs. My idea is to heat these 3 rooms with my rigs and making them more efficient by saving electricity since I won't have to heat these rooms anymore.

  7. We're moving into Summer here downunder. I'm banking on my switch to server cases instead of open air rigs with directed exhaust to fans outside to combat the heat. I'll let you know. Enjoy free heat and the perfect drying room for laundry throughout the winter. We saved a bundle by not using the clothes dryer.

  8. I used so many of your recommendations for my grow tent setup. 5 GPU's (ETH @ 198MH/s) currently but so far I have been able to mine in my office, while working, and not start sweating. Now that Texas has cooled off its gotten even cooler. Thanks so much for your wisdom and guidance!

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