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Introduction to Helium 5G

It is always exciting to delve into new technology, and that was my experience when I recently decided to explore Helium 5G. This exploration was not without its surprises, as I ended up ordering a Helium 5G hotspot and an outdoor antenna from Helium If you’ve ever found yourself going down a techno-rabbit hole, you can probably relate to the thrill of discovery and the anticipation of trying out new gadgets. So, let’s get started unpacking this adventure.

What is Helium 5G?

Before we get into the hotspot, it’s important to understand what Helium 5G is. It is a product of Freedom Phi, and the technology allows for the creation of a wireless network that independently computes and routes data. The technology is designed to use less power and provide better service in more places. Essentially, each hotspot provides a long-range wireless coverage for internet of things (IoT) devices in its vicinity, in addition to mining cryptocurrency, which can be monetized.

Unboxing the Helium 5G Hotspot

The Helium 5G hotspot shipped with a handy card on how to get started, two USB ports, a console port, and a power cable. The intriguing part of the hotspot was the provision for three antennas, designed to boost connectivity. Interestingly, it left room for expansion, meaning I could add two more antennas for wider coverage and possibly earn a little more income from the hotspot. But, before getting all ahead of myself, I decided to check out the outdoor antenna.

Exploring the Outdoor Antenna

Laying hands on the outdoor antenna was quite interesting. It was heavier than I had expected, and its build subtly reflected robustness. The mounting brackets were impressively solid, and the antenna itself was quite large. I appreciated that there was a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector included, which is essential for providing both power and a data connection over a single cable.

The outdoor antenna was built with quality in mind. Its grommet holes will allow me to route an ethernet cable through it and towards the PoE. This will, in turn, be connected to a switch in my Attic. The main advantage is that once this setup is achieved, the hotspot will be fully optimized for better performance.

Navigational Installation and Validation

Although figuring out the installation was somewhat puzzling, there was a helpful step-by-step guide provided by the people at Helium deploy. This included registering the antenna, demonstrating its proper installation, which required taking and uploading photos to validate its location, angle, and elevation
However, meticulous as it was, I understood the specificity of the setup. It ensures the antenna is installed at a strategic position for optimal performance and coverage.

Expanding the Helium 5G Network

Exploring Helium 5G has been challenging yet exhilarating. Broadening my knowledge and experience has paved the way for exploring helium mining. This has, in turn, opened up opportunities for monetary gain while adding value to the IoT ecosystem.

Given its ease of setup, low power consumption, and potential for profitability, it’s clear to see that helium mining is a promising venture. This isn’t to say that your location wouldn’t play a vital role in the profitability of your helium hotspot. It does.


Whether engaging with this technology is intended for personal use or business, one thing is apparent: it’s an investment. And though entirely speculative, there’s a chance that it could have significant returns down the line. Regardless, it’s certainly a captivating tech adventure worth embarking on.

In sum, my journey into Helium 5G has been unprecedented. From unboxing the hotspot and antenna to setting them up, one thing rings true: Technology is both exciting and challenging. But in exploring its depths, we discover new possibilities and opportunities.

As I continue to traverse the world of Helium 5G, I’ll share updates and insights from my findings and experiences. Are you involved in Helium 5G? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. Got mine on my chimney pointed straight at some shopping malls less the .25 a mile in direct line of site. Currently making 21k mobile tokens a day. I'm bullish on helium. Super risky but super cool and no one has done it before them. I had to make a custom pole for my installation. Let me know if you want to see the vid.

  2. the small antenna on the freedomfi unit is still for ol Helim 915 L LoRa Wan. the outdoor small cell though yep got that right. you can hook your LMR400 up to the freedomfi or leave it on the Goldspot

    you will maybe get an invalid witness due to proximity but shouldnt matter for earnings.

    5G stuff is operating on a Naval spectrum (hence is not allowed to be installed within 3 miles of any coastline). wont interfere with the 915MHz LoRa at all.

    yeah the registration process is no joke.

  3. This one is for some free swag.
    You might not need a cherry picker if you can get the head of the wire through the hole you might just need to put a little bit bigger rubber boot around.
    Simply drill the hole size 4-wire diameter needed..
    Drop string through hole if cable too short..
    Pull up screw in from backside if you use a plate ( srcib out of course for mounting bracket holes)


  4. Helium is such a SCAM. They promised great rewards, early adopters got all the coins and then when people actually stared getting their equipment after 8+ moths of waiting they change the whole payout scheme to b/c early adaptors were getting less rewards and moved everything to 5G tokens… So then these people can get the rewards!

  5. I ordered 3 miners from syncrobit. They told me the equipment was just around the corner every other month for 14 months when in reality they sold everyone’s preorders to resellers and then filed for bankruptcy. Hello, police?

  6. The 5g won't interfere with the LoRa, but having 2 helium hotspots in the same hex will probably knock your HNT rewards down from your MNTD. I'd just use the Freedomfi with your 8dbi antenna

  7. Isn't helium a ponzi? As far as I remember it is rewarding miners only helium which is gotten from "first setup cost" from new miners? Real adaptation was something like 2000$/day, which is nothing.

    What if you put the 5G antenna on other end of your house, you'll get it inside pointing out on populted side. The small amount you lose in signal due attic you win by durability and installation costs.

    Or am I incorrect? Cancelled my helium miners when they removed consensus group payments, "which was written in white paper".

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