Crypto Mining Evolution: Future Challenges and Opportunities

crypto mining

The Art of Crypto Mining

In recent years, cryptocurrency mining has gained increasing amounts of attention due to its potential for what many believe to be immense profitability. Amidst the countless discussions of mining philosophies and strategies, there remains a significant level of intrigue surrounding the world of mining hardware, algorithms, and profitability. This article aims to shed some light on the current state of crypto mining, exploring popular mining hardware and the various coins being mined by home miners.

Crypto Mining Hardware

There is a vast array of hardware available for cryptocurrency mining, ranging from high-powered GPUs to specialized ASIC miners. However, it’s important to note that not all hardware performs equally, and profitability can vary greatly from one device to another. Nevertheless, many miners continue to strive for optimal performance, often experimenting with various hardware and software combinations.

GPU Mining Rigs

Among popular mining options, GPU mining rigs

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  1. I set up a node and put my G1 Minis on MWC solo to my node. I only have 4 cards in my GPU rig which I only run at night when the power is cheaper, so I made a script mime differnet things on differnet days. It's cycling RVN, MEOWC, NEOXA, DYNX, KAS+ZIL

  2. Always enjoy these types of videos! Being new to mining I decided to mine FLUX first. After working in the kitchen for roughly 20 years or so and not knowing a thing about technology it’s been a blast continuing to learn as I go🍻

  3. Im currently mining Dogecoin with my 5 GPU rig along with CPU and my Gaming Rig while not gaming plus my sha-256 USB Compacf and newpac via Unminable. currently looking at some ASICs but looking at the lower power consumption as its a hobby and paying 36cents for power. I did conflux the other week but does use power and the few coins I made didn't make it to my wallet and lost it.

  4. Continuing to mine flux on my 10 gpus and in the last month bought one sc box II one ck box II one kd box II one sc box and two used hs boxes all in my apartment

  5. Awesome video!! Almost done with my bag of Kaspa then might move all rigs to flux unsure right now have cpu on rtm. Did you see the new mini doge miners coming out?

  6. This might be a dumb question, but I know you said your electric rate is $0.07 is that your generation rate of $0.07? Or is that the rate you are paying after PP&L hits you with their distribution charge?

  7. For me in Europe I can only mine Kaspa but still cost me 10 to 15 dollar loss per month. I hope the coin will make up for it in future… Flux mining in Europe is not possible when you pay the daily energy price (35 to 65 cent per KW) You better off building a Flux Node and invest in the 1K collateral Flux coins 😉
    My rig is a 4x 1660 ti and super and runs on 177 watt on Kaspa 1.035 Gh.

  8. For me its only Erg on the mining rig as one of my psu's is on the blink, once thats replaced again i will go back to flux for a while.

    And the gaming pc mines new coins when im not gaming on it

  9. I use to have a small 3 GPU rig on Nichhash (RX580, 570, 480) but sold all all but one of those cards when ETC changed, the rx580 is this pc now.. But I find myself wanting to get mining again so badly.. I have an Antminer S3+ that I run on solopool when I need more heat in my tiny apartment, but I want something I'm actually have a chance as making money. So I'm tring to figure out what small ASIC to get, hopefully something I can run on NiceHash again, at least for a quick start. I want to supplement my fixed in come with mining again,,, I'm just super confuse what way to go.

  10. Actually solo mining kaspa with 4gh/s ,one block a day, 2 block a lucky day
    Nexa because its a new project and the actual price is pretty close to the all time low, i see a huge pump in the next bull run
    and flux about 120 mh/s, its actually the best project.
    sometimes i duo mine ergo+kaspa to fat the bag of ergo

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