End of Bitcoin ASIC Hosting Era: What You Need to Know

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The Announcement and Its Implications Too for Miners

Bit main – a major player in the crypto mining industry, recently announced a new low power mode for their ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners. This has sparked considerable intrigue in the mining community, especially the miners who understand the detrimental impact that high power consumption can have on the profitability and sustainability of their mining operations. ASIC miners are popular for their superior hashing power, but they are also notorious for their high power consumption. Bitmain’s announcement hence promises an attractive proposition for ASIC miners.

Bitmain’s low power mode aims to address this concern by tweaking the performance settings to reduce the miners’ power consumption. However, the question on most miners’ minds is – “How low is low?” This article seeks to answer this question by testing the new Bitmain’s low power mode and its implications for miners.

Actual Testing of The Low Power Mode by Bitmain

To understand the real impact of Bitmain’s low power mode, we tested the Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro with and without the low power mode.

The Antminer s19j Pro is one of Bitmain’s high-performing ASIC miners. Prior to the introduction of the low power mode, it usually operates at a stock hash rate and watts. After conducting our tests, we found that the miner uses significantly fewer watts in low power mode while still maintaining a reasonable hash rate.

Testing With Standard Settings

Initially, the Antminer S19j Pro was tested using its stock settings. As per standard specifications provided by Bitmain, the miner achieved over a hundred Tera hashes while consuming over 3,000 Watts.

Testing With Low Power Mode

After setting up the Antminer S19j Pro in low power mode, the energy consumption was reduced to below 3,000 Watts. Despite this reduction in power usage, the miner still managed to achieve a hash rate of 78 Tera hashes. This indicates that while there’s a decrease in the hash rate in low power mode, the reduction is not in proportion to the decrease in energy consumption.

Comparison and Evaluation of Tests Results

Comparison of the standard mode and the new low power mode indicates significant improvement in the power efficiency. The low power mode reduced the power consumption to less than 3,000 Watts while still maintaining a high hash rate.

Advantages of The Low Power Mode

The low-power mode offers significant benefits to miners. The primary benefit is the reduction in power usage. This is vital as electricity costs can significantly eat into miners’ rewards. By minimizing power usage, miners can increase their mining profits. Additionally, using less power contributes to environmental sustainability, a matter that is becoming increasingly critical in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

Bitmain’s Low Power Mode Vs. Other Mining Modes

Compared to other mining power modes, Bitmain’s proposing miners a very competitive offer. While the low power mode indeed results in a lower hash rate, the decrease in power usage significantly outweighs the drop in hash rate. This means that users achieve better power efficiency, which ultimately translates to profitability in mining.

Setting Up the Low Power Mode

Setting up the Antminer S19j Pro in low power mode is a simple process. Miners need to download the firmware from Bitmain’s customer support portal and then go through a standard process to install the firmware. After installation, simply go to the miner settings, select normal mode, and then switch to low power mode.

Final Thoughts on Bitmain’s Low Power Mode

The low power mode by Bitmain is set to revolutionize crypto mining. By delivering a solution to the power inefficiency problem common in the ASIC mining community, Bitmain’s low power mode offers miners an opportunity to increase their mining profitability while contributing to sustainability efforts. Whether you are a hobbyist miner or an industrial-scale miner, Bitmain’s low power mode could be the game-changer you need to enhance the profitability of your mining operations.

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  1. Hi, I’m trying to update the firmware of my S19J Pro 100Th using the link Bitmain support link above but when I click on the download it’s taking me to a bad gateway site. Do know where I can download the firmware? Thank you

  2. I went to the Bitmain website and the software is not available / missing. Is there anywhere else i can find the low power mode software ?

  3. THM dude you rock! You got yours done before me man I am doing a few of mine now, but I actually want more TH because I got free power so I hope at the normal power level I’ll get more TH .. will keep you posted on discord.

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  5. Why not just download ASIC boost and set your settings as low as 2400watts at 75TH? Thats what I do when times are slow and then I can boost it up to 112TH at 3800watts. Great videos just a suggestion

  6. You mentioned in a previous video that at your new place you have an unlimited electric setup with you provider. Could you go into detail on that please?

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