Exclusive Tour of a Bitcoin Mining Farm

bitcoin mining farm tour

Introduction to GPU and Asic mining

Today, we’re going to discuss what I’m currently mining, using both Asic (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). This report is a snapshot of what I’m mining as of the end of July 2023.

Our sponsor for this video is cryptocaverns.com. I had the chance to visit the Crypto Caverns mining farm in Upstate New York in October, where rows and rows of Asics, hosted by customers, line the facility, impressively located by a river and a hydroelectric dam. Crypto Caverns now offers the public the chance to buy GPUs and Asics from its website in any quantities, with no minimum purchase required.

In-depth Look into Asic Mining

To get started let’s discuss two of my older Asic miners- the L3 plus, a script miner that pays in Doge or Litecoin, and the Goldshell X5. These devices are several years old, and while they may not be as efficient as some newer models, they’re still quite useful. They’re both connected to unminable.com, where I am focusing on mining to grow my Dogecoin.

Mining Asic Rigs

In addition to the L3 Plus and Goldshell X5, there are four other units across my mining shelves in my crypto mining shed. These include Jazz Miner X4 Q, a Jazz Miner x41u, and two E9 Pros on two miners. Unfortunately, Jazz Miners and E9s aren’t supported on Nicehash, otherwise, I could enjoy Bitcoin payouts. Instead, I mine two miners, earning Ethereum classic but converting it to Bitcoin.

Diving into GPU Mining

Now for my true passion: GPU mining. GPU mining is the process of using graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies. Here’s a rundown of the GPU rigs I currently have working.

GPU Mining Rig – Charizard

The Charizard rig is named after the fire-breathing dragon in Pokemon. It is currently mining Dynex, mainly because this is where profitability lies for GPU mining right now.

GPU Mining Rig – Huo

Next, we have the Huo rig, which is mining Flux, one of the big components of my crypto mining portfolio. The rig runs on eight MSI gamer X 1660 TI’s graphics cards.

GPU Mining Rig – Onix

Then, there’s the Onix rig, built within an Octominer case – a variety of 3060 and 3060 TIs. The rig is set to mine Ergo. While I cashed out and out of Ergo after its price dropped drastically at the beginning of the year, recent developments in the Ergo project have engendered its potential prompting me to revisit it.

Exploring FPGAs and Other Rigs

Lastly, I have a couple of additional mining devices, including one FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) called the MultiMiner M2, and Ice River KS0.

The FPGA, unlike an Asic miner, can be programmed to mine various types of cryptocurrencies, while the Ice River KS0 is a type of Asic miner. However, due to recent developments, I moved the MultiMiner M2 off of Casper and onto Radien, while Ice River KS0 is hot on Casper.


As a hobbyist miner, I find this journey both challenging and rewarding. The importance of diversification in mining is pure. I’m always curious to see what others are mining, how they’re finding those “unicorns,” and unearthing hidden gems. I hope you’ve found this peek into my mining process insightful, and I encourage you to share your mining expeditions and experiences as well!

At the end of the day, it’s all about learning, growing, and, most importantly, having some fun along the way. Visit my website, hobbyistminer.io which is a new landing page for my brand and for the community. You can schedule one-on-one time with me or connect me with other crypto enthusiasts.

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  1. At the peak, I had 47 cards, all 30 series, mostly 3060 Ti or 3070 Ti. When Eth moved to POS, I sold all of them. Personally, it wasn't worth the hassle after that. Maybe some day it'll be enticing again, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Thank you for all info you provide to us! TBH I don't really like HeroMiners after what happened with Ironfish. At that time I switched to Kryptex and still remain there – they give much more than any other pool

  3. Quick question to a guy who really knows his stuff. If you wanted to get into crypto mining now, what would you recommend one buy? :FPGA: ASIC:HD:CPU:PHONE:GPU:? Any thought's? Assume one does not have unlimited funds.

  4. Been having a few issues with my v1 mini se plus. Not sure if its a pool thing but it has the latest firmware update. Sometimes it slows down pretty slow or even stops then starts up again. I had it on nicehash trading for btc. Any thoughts?

  5. I haven't been mining ATM due to power cost just went up to $0.50 a KW in Australia so turned off my GPU Rig, 2 CPU miners and Doge 2 Miner. Cheaper just to buy a few coins a week. Plus learning how Tax time and capital gains tax takes out profits. Need to revisit my tactics with crypto so when summer comes I can get my Solar Pannels to help out with running the miners.

  6. Currently only have the 104th s19j going. This economy has caused a 40%-60% income reduction, depending upon the week. Still building and growing as I can though. Building a mining closet in the garage exhausting straight outside with 17 inch shutter fan

  7. I'm thinking about starting back my farm if I can get my other hosting facility up and running going from .42 ct a kw to "only 0.25"…
    I need the heat for another project, and what better solution than watercooled GPU 😅🙌

  8. THM wow awesome month end review! I like how do you fully diversify your mining farm very cool need some CPU rigs going! BTW July is like 31 days, so you are a bit early lol keep up with the great content!

  9. Great update Hobbyist! I have my 2 BTC Asics being hosted. Recently switched my Ipollo's to 2Miners for the BTC payouts around 1.3 G/h. Still mining Flux with my Octominers just over 1K/sols. Also my KDA Box II's still going. Everything running smoothly thankfully!!!

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