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Today, we’re delving into the world of GPU mining, focusing on the construction of an eight-GPU mining rig for Casper. Casper is one of the recent additions to the crypto world that has garnered a lot of attention from miners. With a continuous upward trend in its price and the fact that I’ve been able to acquire five additional GPUs, I decided it was time to do a mining rig build for Casper.

The Hardware

So what are we using for this build? We’ve got five GPUs that we recently got from If you’ve been following my channel, you might recognize this name from a GPU mining farm tour I did not too long ago. I was happily surprised with the quality of these GPUs. They are Galax GeForce RTX 3070s, and they felt far from cheap. The card quality is fantastic, unlike some gigabit cards I’ve dealt with in the past.

Why Five and Not Eight GPUs?

Now you might be wondering, why did we get five and not eight GPUs? This is because we already had three 3070s (PNY, Asus, and Gigabyte) in hand from a previous purchase. They have been running on flux for a while and were readily available for us, so we needed only five more to fill up the octominer.

The Build Process

Let’s get into the rig building process. If you’ve been tuning into my live streams, you know that I’ve spent weeks cleaning these GPUs. I can ensure you that each GPU has been hand-cleaned thoroughly and is in excellent condition. They have new thermal pads and paste, and they’re ready to mine some Casper.

Installation of the GPUs

Before we move on to the software setup, let’s install our five 30 70s into the octominer X8 Ultra Plus. Remember, proper cable management is critical here. You’d want to arrange your PCI cables in a way that they’re not interfering with the GPU fans and heatsink. We’re aiming for proper airflow to keep our GPUs cool during the mining operation.

Choosing the Mining Pool

Once everything was set up in the rig, I had to decide which pool to use for mining Casper. For this build, I decided to use Hero Miners. It’s a very reliable pool that I’ve used before, and it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Casper.

Setting Up the Software

When everything was ready on the hardware front, it was time to move towards the software setup. This includes tuning the overclock settings to get the maximum efficiency from the GPUs.

Wallet Setup

If you’re going to mine Casper, you’ll need a wallet to receive your mining rewards. The quickest and easiest way to do this is through Caper’s official web wallet. Please make sure to store your secret phrase securely to maintain the safety of your assets.

Configuring the Miner

Once the wallet was ready, I then set up the mining parameters in the Hive OS interface. Hive OS is a powerful mining and monitoring tool that helps in managing and monitoring your mining operations. I made sure to check that the Hive OS software and Nvidia drivers were up to date. After that, I went on to set up the flight sheet, which specifies which cryptocurrency you are mining, the wallet where your mined currency will go, and which pool you are mining from.

Tuning and Tweaking

After confirming that all the cards could mine, I then went on to the tuning and tweaking phase. It’s a common misconception among miners to overlook stability for performance. While the primary goal of mining is to extract the maximum performance from your equipment, maintaining stability is also absolutely crucial for long-term profitability.

Final Words

After several hours of effort, we now have an eight-GPU mining rig efficiently mining Casper. With a total hash rate of four gigahash at the power consumption of just 610 Watts, I must say it was a massive win – achieving efficiency without compromising stability. I’m excited to see the rewards this rig for Casper will yield in the future.

I hope this guide was helpful, and I would love to hear about your mining experiences and successes. Leave your comments below, and feel free to share any questions or suggestions. Happy mining!

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  1. I have been watching you videos and learnt a great deal about crypto mining. I am now planning to build my own rig and start mining. Which crypto should i start with. Your help would be of great help. Thank you

  2. all you trying to get some sale or gpus that are dusty from Crypto Caverns i smell cap
    every other miner is selling you something its like these fake gold digger videos that say wifey shes not a gold digger when in reality shes in on it … youtube is a place for disshonest people

  3. Great video thansk pal. quick question my son has a gaming PC intel i7 and ryzen 5 5500 CPU and Asrock B40m steel legends. Can I add an 8 – 12 GPU rig and add 3- 5 graphic cards to begin with it?

  4. question is the KASPA wallet address changes? Normally this types of wallets change their address for security purposes. I am considering mining again with one of my gpus, Kaspa requires low wattage and it is profitable even if it is low the margin.

  5. 🎉 Love this build. Can you do a video on good dust management. Been noticing you don't do tents and other segregation. How do you keep cleaner air so you aren't a full time janitor?

  6. Would love to pick up 6 Galax if your referenced site accepted different payment option. Still thinking it through. I watched your cleaning video, I like the simple architecture. And on this build, you're right, that's super-tight clearance on those 2 cards. Yes, I have t-shirts with fan bites.

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