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how much ada has this antminer 
l3 plus mined us let's find out good morning everyone Rabid Mining here hit 
that SUBSCRIBE button BELL notification as   well as THUMBS UP because today we are looking 
at the antminer l3 plus as you know a few weeks   ago we did throw this thing on the cardano 
network to mine us some ada so we're gonna   look at some profits and see how this thing is 
actually doing before everyone does get in an   uproar this thing is not literally on the cardano 
network but is more of a profit switching pool   called pro hashing now this is currently running 
high of os firmware so hive on firmware it does   make it free to use for as many asics as you 
want and instead of running at the 800 watts   that it is uh by default supposed to run out 
we are only running 660 watts while running   the script algorithm coins by script algorithm i 
do mean that's your dogecoin that's your litecoin   that's your digibyte on a few other coins that 
are on the network so we're on pro hashing we   are mining every coin in the script out of the 
algorithm and it is paying us out in ada tokens   enough beating around the bush let's look at some 
profits and see what this thing is making us okay   guys so here we are in our pro hashing dashboard 
and this is where all the magic happens as you   can see right now it is currently mining digibyte 
this will tell you what algorithm you're currently   on based on profit switching that the pool thinks 
is the most profitable at the time so like i said   litecoin and all sorts of different coins i'll go 
through them right quick we should be able to see   them so we go to mining here here you can see 
we're merge mining all sorts of coins so here's   a moon coin moon to the moon i suppose so here we 
got the moon coin uh litecoin we're mining here we   got some dogecoin happening a bunch of did you buy 
i see digibyte usually becoming the most common so   maybe you just mind that directly i don't know but 
look we got some emerald happening did you bite   we got some floor and coin so these are all the 
coins that are on the script based algorithm and   it mines them through pro hashing merge mining and 
then it pays you out in whatever you want to get   paid out and we kind of went through this before 
but we're going to go right through it right quick   so previously i was getting litecoin i have it set 
at zero percent now we're getting cardano which is   the ada is the coin on the network we have it set 
out a hundred percent now we can add a whole bunch   of payout options we can get paid in pretty much 
anything that we want like look at this absolute   whatever that is who knows that's we could spec 
mine that spec mind the crap out of that thing   we got callisto here we got uh what is this komodo 
coin and nxt like pretty much every coin there is   is right here so we got all sorts of stuff we can 
pick and we are currently doing ada so we're gonna   take a look at some profits and see exactly 
what it is looking like here so here is our   actual profit screen here our total balance is 
currently sitting at seven dollars and sixty two   cents usd ever since we first turned this on to 
pro hashing we've have we've made 422 usd i'm not   sure the dates we'll do a total uh video on how 
much this thing has made us in x amount of time   when i actually get down to some numbers this is 
just looking at ada so far so here's what we just   got paid out by the looks of things it was this 
morning we got 34.8188 if i just slam that right   into coingetco here you can see cardano 88 34.81 
works out to be 72.75 so that's not too too bad   if ada hits a nice pump or some who knows a couple 
weeks what if it goes times two we're looking at   like 144 or so so not too too bad but again that's 
why we're kind of mining ada because we expect it   to go up in price it's a really good network so 
hopefully something good happens on it as for   daily profits on the zap minor we can kind of get 
in a rough shape here i did do an estimate here so   i averaged through 14 days i think it's about 
15 actually five dollars and 24 cents would be   down to like five a little under five uh based 
on 15 days but we can look at it day for day   what we actually mined here five dollars and 23 
cents was on the 17th 28th 496.

So a little lower   529 536 565 568 so it looks like mid five dollar 
range is what this thing here we got a six   six so last few days you know something must have 
been happening either the difficulty went down   or the price went up i'm guessing the 
price went up because crypto just started   going up in the past few days which this does 
resemble here so 655 almost seven bucks there   when we first did get this at minor l three plus 
we're almost at eight to nine dollars per day so   crypto's going down so the prices next month next 
two months in the next couple months coming up   the l7 will be hitting this network and these 
profits at least for the l3 plus will be coming   down because that's a lot of hash rate but again 
i don't know what's going on now that china's not   selling uh bit mains not selling within 
china anymore because of all the crypto crap   crap oh dear all the crypto crap i'm why am i 
doing i'm still doing it guys i'm sorry i'm sorry   but the crypto crackdown that is happening 
there so yeah so they have a big uh thing   happening where they're batting all crypto 
so i don't know what's gonna actually happen   uh when they are due to release are they 
getting refunded on orders are there gonna   be more pre-sales in stock for everyone else 
overseas like us in north america i have no idea   what's going on but those at miners are due on 
the network here within the next month or two so   we're gonna see some difficulty increases and 
the alp minor l3 plus definitely will be losing   uh some daily profits because of that you know 
what well i have you guys here we're just going to   take a quick look at this antminer l3 plus just to 
see what kind of a mining monster it truly is and   as you can see it's 9.5 gigahash like i said this 
thing does about 700 mega hash at 660 watts when   tweaked not too bad here uh average it's just 800 
when it is stock but we're doing only 660 watts   now this l7 is 9.5 gigahertz at like 3400 
right here watts so that is about 19 times   the hash rate of an l3 plus at only five 
times the increase in power so that's like   five the power of five of them for the hash rate 
of 19 of them so that is pretty insane at the same   time these things are extremely expensive look at 
them here this these are what is going on there   so i'm going to go to my canadian prices because i 
do not really know the usd conversions here we're   going to hit the old apply button right there 
scroll back down and here you can see like sixteen   thousand dollars canadian out of stock out of 
stock out of stock everything is just out of stock   miner bros twenty five thousand uh mining caves 
seventeen thousand out of stock coin mining   central twenty thousand ak miner 19 000 so like 
look at all these they're they're fairly expensive   they got a decent roi if you can get in on them 
early but they're definitely going to make that   difficult to increase here are all the coins 
they do much here we got aurora coin digibyte   litecoin we got einstein einsteinium einsteinium 
by the looks of things dogecoin we got floral   coin we got emerald verge uh game credits and 
we got the golden golden yeah golden nlg so   yeah those are the coins that this does mine and 
pro hashing will profit switch between them all   pay you out in whatever you would like to get 
paid on so it's gonna be quite interesting when   this thing hits the network let me know in 
the comments what do you guys think is gonna   happen when this l7 hits this network all right 
guys so that does sum up this video let me know   what do you think how are these profits looking 
uh are you mining with an outminer l3 plus are   you looking at getting into an l minor l three 
plus or are you holding up for an l7 which are   pretty expensive but they are gonna be mining 
monsters so let me know your thoughts below   in the comments please hit that subscribe 
button thumbs up button bell notification   i'll catch you on the next one Rabid out thank 
you for watching everyone if you haven't please   comment subscribe and like this video as well as 
check out one of these other videos if you have   not seen it yet i do try to stream every saturday 
and sunday so stay tuned for more future content you

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