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Converting a Shed for Crypto Mining: Project Intro

Welcome miners, to another exciting installment in our ongoing series of the grand project to convert a shed into a crypto mining powerhouse. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the shed that was recently delivered, as well as outline the plans for the upcoming work on the project. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Foundation and Perimeter

It’s been about two months since we set up the perimeter and foundation for the shed. After utilizing a lean ii style shed with sloping sides for our structure, we finally have the shed in place. The side with the higher elevation (eight feet) is where the exhaust will be located, while the lower side (six feet) will house the intake. This design will help with the crucial airflow needed for efficient and effective crypto mining.

Shed Exterior

The shed features a fiberglass door, ensuring that it remains water-sealed against the elements. The trim and shingles were chosen to match the house, adding a touch of aesthetic coordination to the project. The exhaust system will consist of four shutter fans installed on the left side of the shed, while the right side will make room for the electrical conduits and cables.

Interior Plans

Upon entering the shed, you’ll find a relatively compact space that is perfect for our needs. The mining rigs will be strategically arranged on racking in the middle of the shed, allowing for optimal airflow from the intake side to the exhaust side. Nine gable vents will be installed on the intake wall to facilitate an even flow of fresh, cooler air throughout the shed.

Dealing with Heat and Airflow

One consideration for this project has been the heat generated by mining equipment. To minimize the impact of excessive heat within the shed, a heat barrier has been installed at the top of the structure, as well as on the backside of the walls. An additional layer of heat barrier will also be installed on the back of the fiberglass door for extra protection.

For airflow purposes, a few changes need to be made. The vents installed on the side walls will likely be covered to maintain proper air direction. The intake side being on the higher elevation side of the shed will aid in the natural movement of heat rising up and towards the exhaust.

Electrical Setup

The electrical components will be brought into the shed through conduits connected to the house. We plan on installing three 30-amp 240-volt circuits and one 20-amp 120-volt circuit, the latter of which will power lights, exhaust shutter vents, and a computer for remote monitoring purposes. An ethernet cable will also be run from the house to the shed for networking purposes.

On the interior, the plan is to mount the electrical meter boxes on a plywood surface and use a 2×4 to connect the boxes to the mining rig rack. This setup will ensure that all cabling runs neatly and efficiently from the wall to the designated rack without clutter or interference.

Flooring and Other Recommendations

One final consideration for the shed is to paint the floor with a moisture barrier to protect against dry rot. As this is our first time setting up a mining shed, we welcome any suggestions or recommendations from the community. Your input will be valuable in helping us make informed decisions throughout the project.


With the shed delivered and plans in place, it’s time to begin the next phase of the project. Soon, the electrical work and the airflow setup will be in place, allowing us to move forward with installing the mining rigs. We’re excited to get started and look forward to updating you along the way. If you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Until next time, happy mining!

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  1. After installing the intake vents we take standard screen material and magnets to cover the intakes from the outside. One extra piece of the screen and you can do regular vent maintenance without turning anything off. This also reduces debris if you are running filters.

  2. i would recommend routing power closer to floor cause the temps at the top of the shed with that much power sounds like a no no. also drawing air from the shade side of the shed wouldnt be bad and providing constant shade would be ideal. iv been thinking about this move myself but if its 90f outside the shed can only get as cold as 90f… see the problem

  3. @Thehobbyistminer awesome to see another dope project taking flight dude, I look forward to the inspiring, fun & educational updates

  4. I would make sure you have a hot/cold isle setup with as much sealed between the 2 isles as possible. With that small of a space, your hot air will be forced back through to the cold side if you are not careful. With the 4 exhaust fans you will probably be ok, but I would try to seal as much as possible between the 2 isles.

  5. Id be interested on seeing you power this whole shed with solar panels! Efficiency at it's finest! Great video btw congrats on the mining shed! Be sure to give it a name!

  6. It won't negate the sounds of the exhaust fans but some sort of sound deadening material on the walls. Will help keep the rig noise down and hopefully prevent any neighbors complaints about hearing equipment running.
    Another idea would be a small subpannel instead of the separate runs of power. That way if you need to switch of an outlet for maintenance or emergency you don't have to run back into the house to flip a breaker.

  7. How're you going to deal with humidity? lot of outside ventilation, different weather, idk your climate, or if it'd even be an issue lol. Very interesting! Look forward to seeing more!

  8. Make sure you install those exhaust fans as high as possible. On the outside of the exhaust fan, there is no wire mesh that prevent kids from inserting their hands inside the shutters. Those high rpm steel blades are sharp.

  9. We have two barn roof style sheds. One is insulated and one isn’t. The fiber glass insulation makes a huge difference, but our sheds are not vented so may be less of an issue for you. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Run more power and networking than you think you need. It’s cheap now. If you plan on painting the floor make sure you use floor paint or it will wear right off from walking on it. I would probably scrounge around for some used flooring, but I’m super picky lol

  10. Heh, your neighbor seemed pretty nosy and concerned with what you're setting up. I'm sure you're going to need a lot of sound deadening material since they'll probably be concerned with all the noise it'll be generating and definitely secure it down so it doesn't get knocked down or blown away in a storm or windy day.

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