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Introducing the Multi-Miner M2

If you are a home crypto miner looking to monitor your portfolio, it is essential that you have access to a platform that allows you to view your current portfolio anytime. The Multi-Miner M2 is a versatile mining machine that allows you to mine several different cryptocurrency coins, including Casper, which has seen significant growth in recent months.

In this article, we will delve into the details and performance of the Multi-Miner M2 to help you decide whether it is worth purchasing this crypto mining machine for your home setup.

What is the Multi-Miner M2?

The Multi-Miner M2 is an FPGA mining machine that is designed to mine multiple types of cryptocurrencies, such as Casper, Radiant, and others. It is laid out in an ASIC chassis with three separate hash boards for a total of 10 PCI cables for power. The M2 is relatively simple to set up, but it’s essential to be aware of some tips and tricks before diving in.

Setting Up the Multi-Miner M2

There are a few crucial steps to follow when setting up the Multi-Miner M2, starting with finding its unique IP address on your network. Due to the lack of documentation and support, it can be challenging to locate this IP address.

A recommended method for finding the IP address is to extract the micro SD card from the device and insert it into your computer. You can then navigate to the Miner folder, the ETC folder, and edit the net config file to set a static IP address. This will allow you to connect to the mining machine through your browser quickly.

Another essential tip is that the Multi-Miner M2 currently only works with the Hash Pool mining pool based in China.

Performance of the Multi-Miner M2

The Multi-Miner M2 has demonstrated a varying degree of performance, sometimes reaching up to 10.5 gigahash on Caspa. However, many users have reported lower performance levels than advertised, often achieving around 7.5 gigahash for Caspa. With this performance level and a power consumption of approximately 837 watts, it may not achieve the efficiency and return on investment that some miners may hope for.

This discrepancy in performance may be due to older firmware or missing software features. For those interested in upgrading their firmware and adding new mining capabilities, including Radiant mining, it is advisable to wait for a future update and further user reviews before purchasing the Multi-Miner M2.

Should You Buy the Multi-Miner M2?

While the Multi-Miner M2 has excellent potential due to its support for multiple cryptocurrencies, its current performance issues and limited documentation make it hard to recommend the device. It is recommended to wait for further updates and improvements before considering purchasing the M2.

In the meantime, it can be beneficial to keep an eye on the performance of the Multi-Miner M2 through community reviews and testimonials. By staying informed and updated, you can make the right decision for your home mining setup.


The Multi-Miner M2 offers a versatile mining solution that may appeal to crypto miners who want a single machine capable of mining multiple cryptocurrencies. However, the current performance issues and lack of documentation may deter potential buyers. As the device’s firmware and performance improve, it may become a more attractive option for home miners. Until then, it is best to approach the Multi-Miner M2 with caution and conduct thorough research before committing to a purchase.

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  1. Buying any ASICS based on a shitcoin is dumb. Don't do it. Like why not get an FTX miner? It's the same thing or how about paycoin? That's a winner..Anyone want to buy my dad's dash miner? No? I didn't think so.

  2. The hash rate and power consumption is exactly the same like 3.5 RTX 4090's. So I don't see something spacial in this miner. Maybe the price is lower than buying 3.5 RTX 4090's. $3000 VS $4800 for the RTX. Thanks!

  3. I stopped mining it awhile back but still buy Kaspa every Friday with my paycheck. Also buying Flux and Ergo now in batches instead of mining. Makes no sense to give it to the power company. Mining RXD, ALPH and IRON like everyone else lol

  4. I recently started mining kaspa and like it. My rigs barely sip the electricity and get a good return for the hashrate. Problem is, it's recently become unprofitable to mine and i had to turn my rigs off. Also, i won't do ASICS

  5. THM sorry to hear but it’s not too bad it base on the spec it seems the 1024miner M2 is stock setting and the Multi Miner M2 is Overclock setting, and the JSON file is where you put all that information, looks like the unit is running Linux and DHCP was not setup for the network interface so Static IP setting is required, anyways if you need help with OC send me what’s in the flash drive.

  6. seems like all asics are pretty much priced to barely break even then be worthless. I'm not sure how anyone makes actual money on them any longer. I've been doing the for 1.5 years now and there have been zero asics that still make any money that have done anything but paid for themselves and then limp along with a few dollars profit.

  7. So Far, a little worse experience on my end, had a heatsink issue which isn't that big of a deal, but definitely a quality control issue and just took care of it myself, so just got it hashing yesterday. My GUI seems to be different and possibly a beta of the next version? and showing more info than others and it looks like that's how we will be able to configure , mine does show a low power mode as well as different configuration options, so it seems like all that is coming eventually in updates. Has also been hashing way lower than spec goal right now is just to get it hashing at atleast 7.5 g/h consistently which it looks like its slowly getting there, so hopefully it will get there, but I agree with you, it wasn't ready for primetime or a primetime price, but will hopefully get there soon with updates.

  8. Have you been able to get it working on any other pool, each of my attempts have failed. I cannot get anything but SSL Also

  9. ice river has an 100gh using 100watts 1800$ june 30th is the shipping DAY.not all sure about it as a new company but redpanda have not heard much sence he showed it was really outputting 2th/s

  10. I would think it would be settings in a config file to essentially over clock to the higher hashrates. It may be scenerio of backing up the original file and trial/error on the settings. hopefully you can get more information. What about getting the 1024 miner's firmware and puting it on another sdcard. It may have bettter control of the system.
    I would look at the control boad and investigate what other sysytems utilizes it as well. Might be usefull information for future bitstreams.

  11. Your disappointment is obvious. I can just imagine how the people who buy the IceRiver units are going to feel. But hopefully Coastal will help you get this solved. Look forward to the follow up.

  12. Don't forget that the mining software (probably teamredminer) has a DEV fee which is subtracted from the total hashrate before the pool sees it. You always get less on the pool side due to the DEV fee.

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