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Introduction to OCTA Space

We all know about the exhilaration of hunting down promising projects, studying their potential, and deciding whether or not they might be the next big thing. One such project that has caught my eye recently is OCTA Space. Amidst all the detail-laden pitches and market analyses, I thought it might be refreshing to bring some honesty to the mix. So, here it is: I was prepared to tout OCTA Space as the impending Ethereum sensation, but then I decided to cut through the hype and simply lay out my honest thoughts.

Why OCTA Space?

Despite not knowing every nitty-gritty detail about the project, two aspects of OCTA Space make it appealing. First, the project is lucratively profitable, and second, it utilizes an algorithm familiar to many: ethash. This algorithm has been a reliable player throughout the crypto bull run, making it an attractive proposition.

I also have quite a few miners that leverage the ethash algorithm, which I haven’t utilized in well over a month. This creates an exciting opportunity to experiment with OCTA Space and see its potential first-hand.

Jazz Miner X16q – A Versatile Tool for Mining OCTA Space

Reviewing and showcasing miners is always intriguing, and one machine that stands out in terms of sheer capability is the Jazz Miner X16q. Having been kindly sent to me by Jingle Mining, it immediately made an impression due to its ability to handle not only Etc hash but also ethash. It also supports ZIL, making it one of the first Jazz miners to do so.

When evaluating its structure, several components inside the unit highlight its admirable complexities. In addition to the typical lighting on the front, it boasts wireless support, large fans, and compatibility with both 240v and 120v inputs. This means the Jazz Miner X16q can be effortlessly utilized in different areas, such as a garage or a spare bedroom.

The Potential of OCTA Space

While the market is particularly volatile, the potential of OCTA Space cannot be undermined. Its ability to undergo rapid fluctuations results in opportunities to rake in profits if monitored closely. Additionally, its supply is not outrageous, implying vast potential for growth.

Profiting from OCTA Space Mining: Your Liquidation Path

A newcomer to the crypto game might wonder about their liquidation path once they’ve mined OCTA Space. The recommended platform would undoubtedly be SafeTrade. While it could use a dark mode for better aesthetics, it contains an abundance of renowned coins. Most importantly, it also supports OCTA Space, allowing crypto miners to convert their mined OCTA Space to popular crypto-assets like USDT and Bitcoin.

Setting Up Your OCTA Space Wallet

A crucial step in mining is setting up a wallet that links to your mining operations. For this purpose, MetaMask has proven to be a reliable and secure choice. Once you’ve installed the MetaMask extension, adding OCTA Space to the network requires a few simple steps as outlined in the MetaMask guide.

Jazz Miner X16q: A Practical OCTA Space Mining Tool

After setting up the wallet, the Jazz Miner X16q provides a smooth pathway to commence your OCTA Space mining journey. It enables three unique modes: efficiency, balanced, and performance, each delivering different results based on your priority.

While the miner does require some time to download the DAG file and start firing away, once it kicks off, the results can be quite promising. The Jazz Miner’s increased hash rate, quiet operation, and impressive power efficiency make it a compelling tool for OCTA Space mining.

Exploring OCTA Space Profitability

Once you begin mining with OCTA Space, keeping an eye on its trajectory and profitability becomes crucial. By using a platform like WhatToMine, you can calculate your rig’s potential profitability and adjust your strategy accordingly. Besides this, you can also check your miner’s status and performance on the mining pool’s site, ensuring optimal results.


Whether you’re a seasoned crypto miner or a newcomer to the space, OCTA Space presents an engaging opportunity to expand your portfolio. Coupled with the Jazz Miner X16q and its ethash compatibility, mining OCTA Space into profitability could be an achievable venture for many.

Remember, while OCTA Space holds promise, mining this asset— just like any other — needs to be undertaken with caution and careful consideration. What this undertaking will yield, only time will tell. Until then, happy mining!

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  1. i must say. that was a interesting one on octaspace but by far the star of the show was the jasminer X16- Q by jingle mining looks amazing the power ratio to hash rate is amazing 🥲☺has all aways spot on

  2. if it only costs 1000 euros if it was perfect with everything then that was good I could still exaggerate but I don't think it's normal to tackle 30 watts more and 3700 I only 1070 8g I'll do better timings at 5.6 to 5.8 you'll be increase with auto oc and avx = MHz you could have hammered in a 4 GB or 6 x16 x4 adapter with bunny one that only makes 96 volts economical 4 or 8 GB and another 512 GB SSD or you stick there 4 phones instead of gpu you do more with it alson5 phones you're ok and at the limit perfect to work without quirks on the way that I think I can imagine that the pecker box that still exists don't make a sound card you break the chip gpu when streaming sound speed up x8 you'll break everything I'll let him shy only about my Typ.c adapter 5000mhz uploud HDD tuner accelerated via cable 5 packets reckon with x8 700mhz power zudas that has to be distributed around your packets and go to 720p raid image 7200mhz download 30k then you are performance 36k who. everything is running at full speed with your cell phone maybe you do something like 3300 m/hz or 3600/ hz with both of them that's so fintionire that better believe that just has to tickle with your schnidel PC you have to get that out + – then you're good with the gpu

  3. which CPU is that I gave the 1986 with tripple timing you 1920 what do you have for timings 4.5ghz with me fight it 45ghtz CPU RAM 3880 to 4000 you can perfect up to 4.64 with 16gb go better 4.70 4.8 with liquid cooler water you have Wifi 6.1 70 more and still have 16 over finally just turn on a cell phone and connect to Wifi on the.pc for 2.5g via USB c and mine with it or you have to put your stock timings 2.4 maybe 2.6 or 2 7 until you have new CPU 4.5 then you are at 4.980ghz and if you manage the mainer timing you get 1.86 to 1 9.2 volts with RAM on the basis board 1.48 volts the 4200 4400 mhz or more or less because you get gigabytes for free with mobile phone and RAM limit increase everything else is higher 2300up RAM slower you want hashrade that's how you get it you just have to calculate it together assess everything there I have practice good luck tried times so you come to 10,000 Hr or 1984 timings as I adapt more memory you more CPUs is just about as rough that must be about max with the small black schnidel box

  4. I turned off the GPU, I switch to mining on the CPU .. Make pools for the CPU, I believe that with the current electricity it will be more cost-effective😏

  5. FOMO on OCTA has driven up hashrate from around 800GH (When I started mining a few months ago) to over 4TH!.. If your goal is to get as much yield as possible, that ship has sailed. OCTA is a pure profitability play at this time.

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