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Introduction to The Hobbyist Miner Channel and Basement Update

Welcome back to another update on The Hobbyist Miner Channel! In this article, we’ll be covering the progress on our basement, new equipment, and the numerous exciting projects lined up for the channel.

Basement and Mining Room Progress

The basement is coming along well, with multiple coats of paint on the walls, access panels being installed, and new gear arriving almost daily. We are now looking into installing a two-foot by two-foot drop ceiling to improve the overall look and functionality of the space.

New Gear and Projects

We’ve received lots of amazing new gear, including a bunch of AC Infinity products, power supplies, cool meters from anonymous miners, Red Llama, and even Dogecoin coffee. We also have a custom frame project in the pipeline, which will be an exciting challenge as we’ve never built a frame from scratch before.

Other projects we’re excited about include building a test bench and setting up a 10 GPU mining rig for a fellow miner. Make sure you keep an eye on the channel so you don’t miss any of these amazing builds!

Our Studio Set Up

The studio is coming together nicely with a new standing desk, two LG 32-inch monitors, an up-and-down desk, and of course, our hobbyist miner logo. Even our mining dog enjoys resting under the new desk.

Mining Room Updates and Airflow Improvements

Our mining room now has a door installed, which we plan to improve by adding a sleeve to help seal it off during winter and open it up during summer. There are still a few things to be done, like fixing the outlets and adding trim, but we are making steady progress.

Recently, we finished installing the patch panel for our basement and mining room, set up an HP Pro Curve 48 port PoE switch for network management, and installed and mounted PDUs next to our 30 amp 240 volt Space Coach meters.

In terms of airflow, we noticed that one side of the mining room was significantly warmer than the other. To address this issue, we are swapping some of the passive outlets for active ones and adding more intake fans.

The biggest improvement for airflow came from upgrading our inline fans from six inches to eight inches. The differences are staggering, with the eight-inch fan moving up to 800 CFM (cubic feet per minute) compared to the six-inch fan’s 400 CFM. Though, due to using reducers and six-inch ducts, the actual airflow might be a bit less.

Mining Room Airflow Plan

To fully optimize the airflow, we plan on replacing a six-inch inline fan with an eight-inch one, resulting in four exhaust fans and potentially four intake fans, as well as the slotted door functioning as an additional intake.


With so many new projects and improvements to our mining room and basement, we are excited to share every step of the way with you. Make sure to give the YouTube update video a thumbs up and subscribe to The Hobbyist Miner Channel for more regular updates on our crypto mining adventures! Happy mining, everyone!

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  1. I'm prepared to quit my job, my wife as well, to do this in our garage. We have 220v out there and it's insulated. I have 30k to start with. Is it possible to replace 100k income by doing this at scale?

  2. Definitely re-terminate inside the PDU or you will lose the over-molded design of the plug meeting the cable. Doesn’t really matter either way if you aren’t worried about ingress protection

  3. Where is your airflow kill switch? God forbid: In the event of a fire. the increased airflow will create a rocket-stove effect on that area of your building.

  4. How much wattages do you have coming from each of the outlets? Did you have your electrician wire in multiple 120v outlets? How is it setup. I have an electrician coming tomorrow and would like to know how your setup is. Thanks.

  5. Love the update series…granted I don’t think I’ll ever have that many cards, but seeing your set up and your solutions are always a good watch.

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