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The ipolo V1 Mini SE: A Detailed Review and Tutorial

The ipolo V1 Mini SE, one of the newest ASIC miners on the market, has been catching the attention of many crypto miners. But in today’s in-depth review, we’re taking a detour. Instead of mining the popular Ethereum Classic, we’re diving into the world of alternative crypto mining.

The ipolo Giveaway

This article would not be complete without mentioning the exciting ipolo giveaway. In collaboration with the ipolo team, we’re offering a $200 discount code, redeemable on the ipolo website. For details and how to enter, refer to the link in the description below the corresponding video.

Unboxing The ipolo V1 Mini SE

In the compact and sleek packaging of the ipolo V1 Mini SE, you will find the miner and an antenna for wireless connections, ideal for those who prefer a clutter-free mining setup.

The ipolo Miner Details

Looking at the miner, it’s immediately noticeable that ipolo has taken the approach of explicit transparency, displaying the miner’s key specifications on the exterior. These include its memory size (6 gigabytes, with a maximum Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) size of 5.8 gigabytes), Ethernet plug, wireless antenna, and varying inputs and buttons.

The key highlight of the ipolo V1 Mini SE is its impressive hash rate – 200 Mh/s, plus or minus 10%, while consuming a mere 130 Watts. The inbuilt efficiency of this unit, even in its compact size, makes it a desirable piece of equipment for any crypto miner.

Setting Up The Miner

Setting up the ipolo V1 Mini SE is user-friendly and straightforward. Following the installation of the wireless antenna, we connected the provided power brick, then immediately deployed the miner using an Ethernet cable for initial testing before switching to wireless. Worth noting is the instant operation of the ipolo miner upon plugging, indicated by the immediate airflow from the exhaust side.

Looking at The Dashboard

Moving to the dashboard, the User Interface (UI) is intuitive and provides comprehensive controls and statistics about the miner. As a result, we configured a static IP address for both wired and wireless connections, ensuring a stable, uninterrupted operation.

Ethereum Classic Mining

By default, the miner can mine Ethereum Classic out of the box. However, as mentioned earlier, our focus is speculatively mining another type of cryptocurrency.

Mining eth-POW

Undoubtedly, Ethereum’s move to Proof-of-Stake mining has left many miners wondering where to shift their focus. In today’s experiment, we’re testing the mining of the project eth-POW on the ipolo V1 Mini SE, albeit with reservations about the cryptocurrency project.

By running the ipolo on eth-POW, we’re offering this project a chance and building our collection of eth-POW tokens. Given the super efficiency of the ipolo in a bear market, this seems like a timely experiment.

Profitability and Liquidation

Looking at profitability, earning in eth-POW equates to around 30 cents daily using our test configuration. However, with speculative mining, immediate liquidation may not be an expectation.

Fortunately, platforms such as Kucoin allow for liquidation of the mined eth-POW into USDT. Ideally, the inclusion of eth-POW to Bitcoin conversion would have provided more flexibility.

Setting Up the Miner for eth-POW Mining

For those interested in replicating our setup, detailed guides are available for setting up an ew wallet using MetaMask and mining ew on Hive OS or Windows.

After successfully configuring an eth-POW wallet, the next step is determining a pool to mine from. In our test, we’ve selected two miners, a pool that provides sufficient information and server availability for mining eth-POW.


Initially, the ipolo V1 Mini SE required some patience to configure due to the extended loading times. However, after setup, it has consistently provided a hash rate of around 200 Mh/s.

These figures align with the advertised power consumption of 130 Watts, making this miner highly efficient. When it comes to payouts, the miner has been steadily earning eth-POW, building up towards the minimum payout threshold.

Price Volatility and Speculation

As with any mining venture, speculations about price volatility are inevitable. At the time of recording, the price of ethw was 11.41, having recently seen highs of over 51.35. Whether the price will go back up or continue its decline remains up for speculation.


The ipolo V1 Mini SE proved to be a reliable and efficient miner during our test run. By stepping away from the more common Ethereum Classic, we explored alternative perspectives of crypto mining through our experimentation with eth-POW.

Whether you’re speculatively mining or focusing on established cryptocurrencies, the ipolo V1 Mini SE is well worth the consideration. Don’t forget to check out our ongoing giveaway for the chance to win a $200 ipolo discount code. Happy mining!

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  1. Are you able to partisipate in Crypto SPEC MINING right now? Or has your Power Cost really limited your options? I am currently looking at more avenues to SPEC MINE with alternatives other than GPU Mining.

  2. It's a shame that these eth asic manufactures cheaped out so bad. How much more would it really have cost to increase the memory for the dag. Considering the profit margin they could have easily increased the memory to say, 10, 12Gb or more. and only added a few bucks to the cost, and could have easily added it to the price instead of the typical planned obsolescence.

  3. I have been double mining ETC+ZIL on EZIL pool with this miner. Currently it makes 0.02 ETC + 8 ZIL about $.85 per day and the same power consumption as single mining.
    I got my first V1 SE for less than $1000 with a promo before the merge but I doubt there will be such rebates in the future now. I should have bought more…

  4. Wasting electricity and money, not worth the price! Let's move on from any coin that start with ETH. People, let go the ETH stupid knock off coins….

  5. THM who cares if ETHW and ETHF is a fork of ETH because honestly for years ETH was going to PoS and for years I only cared to mine and sell ETH to BTC, so as long as you can make something from ETHW mine it you don’t have to care about it .. with that said ETHW now have over 50 dApps running on their platform and growing! So who know we may one day truly care about this project not just to mine and dump it ..

    BTW I would never install any browser wallets, unless you got a clean PC with nothing else on it, for spec mining just use a good exchange until you really care about the coin .. todays exchanges are not like the fly by night exchanges years ago where normally you would never mine directly to one, anyways awesome content! More please!

  6. You should try dual mining ethw with zil on K1 pool. I think im gonna switch mine over soon. I currently have two ipollo v1 mini gold and SE dual mining etc+zil on ezil pool, I have never tried k1 pool before, but wanted to see someone do it

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