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passive income with crypto


In the world of digital currencies, crypto mining has become a compelling topic. With intriguing crypto mining projects like Nioxa emerging in the markets, miners have discovered a new opportunity. Today, we will delve more into Nioxa crypto mining. The article will also host an exciting 300,000 Nioxa giveaway. Before we dive into details, we would like to extend our gratitude towards and for sponsoring today’s article.

About is no stranger to the crypto mining scene. The organization hosts solid proof-of-work GPU mining pools and has steadily become a favorite for many miners. Approximately two years ago, we commenced mining on their pools during the Ravencoin pump. We moved to Flux for their parallel asset payouts, and onto mining Nioxa as of this video.

Moving on to Nioxa Mining

Just a little over two weeks ago, we collaborated with the content creator and crypto miner, the Mining King, to create a comprehensive video on Nioxa. We covered topics including, ‘What is Nioxa?’, ‘What is Proof-of-Game versus Proof-of-Work business model?’, ‘How to set up Nioxa wallet?’, and ‘How to configure Hive OS flight sheet to mine Nioxa.’ This article serves as a follow-up to that video, discussing the progress we have made while mining Nioxa.

The Journey of Nioxa Mining

In the video mentioned above, we set up a rig with the help of the Mining King solely dedicated to mining Nioxa. We started with 12 RX 470s for mining, but unfortunately, we have lost one of the RX 470s, thereby reducing the overall hash rate from 156 mega hash to 141-143. The kapow algorithm made the GPU run hot, which we believe led to the fuse burnout of one of the RX 470s. But the kapow algorithm is not the only reason; we had been extensively using that GTX 1070 for two years before it gave up.

Despite the loss, the rig has performed exceptionally well, and has mined a significant amount of Nioxa, specifically representing an average of approximately 7,692 Nioxa per day. The mining process has been pretty smooth and Nioxa wallet transactions and exudes a promising vibe indicating a good return on mining.

An Overview of Earnings

We earned a total of 123,070 Nioxa over 16 days. With the current value of Nioxa being estimated around $0.000808, we were making about $6.22 per day. This totals up to a revenue of $99.15 for 16 days of mining. Bear in mind, this is just revenue and does not take cost and power usage into account which would vary for every miner. Even though the electrical cost of kapow algorithm is high and it’s challenging in summers due to high temperatures, Nioxa is gaining popularity day by day with its hash rate reaching to 114 gigahash keeping it on the top five most profitable coins.

The 300,000 Nioxa Giveaway

The highlight of this article is the giveaway of 300,000 Nioxa, where 150,000 Nioxa goes to the first place, 100,000 Nioxa to the second place, and the rest 50,000 to the third place. To enter the giveaway, just go to our discord channel, and in the ‘Nioxa Giveaway’ sub-channel, post your Nioxa wallet. Winners will be announced on our community’s platforms in two weeks.


In conclusion, Nioxa mining with the help of has been quite a successful endeavor. Despite the loss of RX 470 and high power consumption due to kapow algorithm, mining Nioxa has been profitable, averaging 7,692 Nioxa per day. And with the recent surge in Nioxa’s popularity, it has managed to secure a position in the top five most profitable coins. Happy mining and good luck to all participants in our 300,000 Nioxa giveaway!

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  1. Funny how everyone shilling this crap coin don’t discuss the economics behind their coin. They have a 21 Billion supply and their page’s tokenomics section is a JOKE! A two sentence paragraph with absolutely no direction and precise goals for increasing the value of their coin. I’m not saying the project can’t be somewhat successful, it’s just doubtful with the lack of experience the team has and lack of direction.

  2. Hey man, great video. Can you perhaps provide me the over clock configure for Rx580 8gig. Manage to get the algo right on Rx570 achieving 13.33mh/s per card Temps are at 54c.

  3. Just like when mining $RVN, you need to underclock your system. You don’t miss out on much but it saves you a lot of headache in the future.

  4. RVN is 10x better than BTC .KawPow is future I agree its power hungry as well as temp high but not big difference compared to ETH if you set up correctly for mining only means that gpu has some work to do.RVN will replace BTC , Neox will be new Dogecoin if not better.Never been optimistic about ETH if you ask me Ergo is in same range as ETH .

  5. another worthless, gpu killer kawpow coin, honestly why would anyone mine this coin knowing how much heat it is giving out. Electric cost will be at least 60% of that profit. for that price i wouldnt touch kawpow, not to raven or any other sh't coin. When there is concern about climate change and media showing POW as an evil, another kowpaw coin is not making no sense. i am hoping Kawpow is not the future for POW.

  6. If you run the GPUs @@ 1750 mem clock they wll run much cooler and 800 vdd and you will get the same hash. you could increase the core clock 10-20 if possible. And set. the mem andcorevoltage the same in OC settings

  7. thanks for another great event for the community! I have played the game but they players are HIGH on the toxicity scale. It's easier to mine the heck out of it 😛 Thanks again!

  8. Hi.. I am cpu minning Raptoreum since jan 2022…yesterday I reboot my pc… And lost my rtm wallet… Can you please help me retrieve it back… I have cpu config file and cpu minner….
    Pls tell how to get my wallet back.. I will be very thankful to you..

  9. I had better luck solo mining neoxa a while back than playing rust. I was on zergpool and waited 3 weeks for a payout, contacted their support and they were able to push me my coins. It took a while to get the block I made, but unlike rust at least I didn't get murdered while naked on a beach 😅

  10. I mined some, played the game and managed to get 250k. Sold it literally minutes before the hack/crash (sus looking lol). Bought back in and mined/played my way to 370k and counting. Going to see what the new games like Minecraft can do to the price. Good to see a real project with a real plan going forward.
    That said, can they please hard fork to Autolykos or something? 😀

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