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Water Damage in Crypto Mining Setup – A Thrilling Story of Rescue

In today’s tech-savvy world, crypto mining has become a popular hobby for many. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes unexpected water damage can lead to a major setback. In this article, we’ll describe a harrowing tale of water damage in a crypto mining room, the steps taken to mitigate the damage, and ways to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Beginning: A Routine Day Turned Into Chaos

It all began on a seemingly normal day when the owner of the hobbyist miner channel was working in his home office, attending virtual meetings, and monitoring the performance of his mining rigs. The crypto mining room’s door was left open to improve airflow in the room. Little did he know, however, that a quiet disaster was unfolding right under his nose.

The calm setting was disrupted when the owner noticed a sound that resembled a spark. Investigating the noise with a concerned urgency, he discovered water dripping from the inline fan in the mining room. Immediately, he rushed to unplug the rigs and fans before any further damage could occur.

Detecting the Source of Water Leakage

After ensuring the rigs’ safety, the next step was to locate where the water was coming from. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the water was entering the room from the ductwork connection point of the inline fan. Wondering what could have caused this, the owner ventured outside his house to inspect the external vent.

Surprisingly, there was no visible damage to the external part of the vent. However, it was concluded that because of the vent design, water had made its way into the duct during rain. Recognizing this design flaw, the owner knew that improvements needed to be made to prevent future water damage.

Reinstalling and Testing the Rigs

With the ventilation issue addressed, it was time to focus on reinstalling and testing the mining rigs. First, the inline fans were reinstalled, and the vents were checked for moisture. Next, using well-insulated flex tape, the ductwork connections were secured. Finally, it was time to bring the rigs back into the room and confirm their functionality.

Thankfully, all the rigs powered on successfully and were running without any visible water damage. The owner closely monitored their performance through Hive OS and received Telegram alerts for his rigs’ up/down status.

Lessons Learned and Future Precautions

This close call with water damage not only highlighted the importance of careful monitoring but also revealed vital lessons and future precautions to take:

1. Upgrade vent designs: Replace the current external vents with designs that provide better protection against water ingress. Vents with hoods or cone-shaped covers can significantly minimize the chances of water entering and causing damage.

2. Periodic checks: Regularly inspect the ductwork and vents, paying special attention during heavy rainfall or extreme weather conditions.

3. Quick reaction: In case of water leakage, swiftly unplug all electrical devices and take necessary action to prevent further damage.

4. Backup plans: Consider having backup equipment or insurance plans in place to minimize downtime and protect the investment in the mining setup.

5. Share experience: Sharing stories and experiences with fellow miners can help build a supportive community and enable others to learn from such situations.

In conclusion, this thrilling rescue story serves as a reminder that unexpected incidents can occur at any time, and being prepared for them is essential for a successful crypto mining journey. By learning from this tale, miners can take necessary precautions and build a more secure and profitable mining setup.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. The vent covers can be replaced in most cases without needing to replace the solid duct portion. I have a similar set up to yours for my mining room. If interested reach out to me and I can send you a link to the replacement covers I used. I am a PA miner as well and we had nutty sideways wind in my area a few days ago.

  2. Tons of great comments to help I see. I would also suggest a drip pan of sorts on the top of that rack. Since you are not using that space getting a somewhat shallow drip pan to sit on top so it cant drip directly on the card if it were to ever happen again.

  3. Not my mining set up, but after the 15 inch snow Sunday night thru Tuesday I have a stream of water out if the stove hood from where the snow packed into it. Hood light was completely flooded

  4. Wow that was close … good news is using server case is much safer than open air rigs, so I would not worry about anything within a server case .. open rig is just asking for it .. got to keep the kids aways, the dog/cat, cups of water, drinking around the open air rig etc.. etc.. open air rigs looks so cool but omg just asking for it!

  5. Just burst a heat pipe in my mining room i feel for u …everything was on shelves so i was lucky but floor hadda get ripped out and furniture thrown out so still recovering from it but miners were untouched =)

  6. Just let them dry out for a couple of weeks . I seen a YT power wash some GPUs to clean them off and he dried them out re paste and thermal pads re applied and they powered back on and mined no problem

  7. good thing the water went on the octominers with a cover and not on the open air rigs with like water all over the motherboard and power supply and everything because if it was we’re gonna have a bigger problem

  8. Assuming that is an Intake instead of exhaust, the issue is suction. Rain doesn’t have to go sideways, it just have to be light enough to be caught up in the air velocity/suction. Using a larger diameter section or inlet would drop the pressure/air velocity, to help separate the water from the airstream.

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  10. you want to know what happended ot me…my cat pissed on my backside from a PC , it hit a rtx 3060ti , it was defect , just the hmdi ports got wet , still defect , but i send it to a company and they fixed it , yesterday it arrived and it works again , 140€ for the repair

  11. A while back (20 years ago) my youngest caused a toilet on the second floor to get plugged and the toilet ran for about 5 hours (in the middle of the night) with water spilling from the top floor through to the basement. I would suggest you put alarms in every bathroom behind the toilets to make sure you do not have a similar experience. I have learned that sometimes things happen even if you try to prevent them so some amount of warning would be good to have early with water leaks/spills.

  12. You would be surprised how resilient PC Hardware is when there is water nearby. Lightning strikes on the other hand will kill you motherboard without a second thought.

  13. Honestly, instead of pulling new ducts through and all that stuff, wouldn´t you be better off to like build a small hut/cover over your intakes? Some 4x4s and a piece of plywood. Something to "cover it up" and done?
    Maybe make it look like a small doghouse? 😀

  14. Glad you were able to catch this early and address it. I thought it might be some kind of condensation issue, but I think being it so close to the outside vent is potentially a reason. Best of luck!

  15. I lost my entire mining shed when a tree fell on it last week. Wasn't able to salvage 1 single card. All destroyed.

    Insurance company is making it clear they will not cover the damage because I didn't have the investment appraised, so word to the wise, learn from my mistakes…get your rigs appraised!!

  16. Glad to see all your rigs up and running again. Just a thought but if those lines carrying the air are not insulated and you have cold air hitting a warn zone in the ceiling it maybe condensation build up.

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