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Crypto Mining Purchases during the Holiday Season

During the last few weeks, many crypto mining enthusiasts have taken advantage of the lower prices on hardware, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This article will discuss some of the deals and trends seen during this time period, as well as how miners are taking advantage of these deals to build their mining setups. Today’s video is sponsored by the team over at coinledger.io, providing tax loss harvesting services for crypto miners.

Hardware Prices Drop during the Holiday Season

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the weeks leading up to Christmas, hardware prices have experienced a significant drop. Although brand new GPUs like the 30 series haven’t seen a massive price drop, other mining hardware, such as ASIC miners and GPU risers, have been heavily discounted.

Many miners prefer to purchase their graphics cards locally through platforms like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. This enables buyers to negotiate better deals and avoid paying the extra fees that come with purchasing through eBay.

Reacting to the Current Crypto Mining Situation

Despite the current crypto mining market being less profitable, many miners are taking advantage of the lower hardware prices and building up their mining setups. Some miners have even started “huddling” hardware, buying up ASIC miners and GPUs while prices are low with plans to put them to use when market conditions improve.

During this time, many crypto miners have managed to score deals on GoldShell miners, both the mini box miners and the light versions. Meanwhile, other miners have found heavily discounted Bitcoin ASIC miners from companies like Bitmain, and have been scooping up refurbished and used models to expand their mining operations.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mining Purchases

Some crypto miners have recently shared their Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases within the community. Some items include GPU risers from companies like GP Risers, bundled starter kits from AAA Wave, and ASIC miners from GoldShell. These deals have allowed miners to save money on necessary hardware and take advantage of the lower prices.

One particular item purchased during the Black Friday sale is the GoldShell KD Box Pro, an ASIC miner that was initially priced around $1,200 during the bull run but was found for just $250 during the sales. This purchase demonstrates the potential savings miners can obtain during these sales, allowing them to build and expand their mining setups without breaking the bank.

Community Involvement and Transparency

As the crypto mining community navigates these tough market conditions, transparency and openness about purchases have been valuable for learning and discovering new deals. Joining Discord channels and communicating with fellow miners allows for the sharing of knowledge and information regarding mining hardware and deals during this holiday season.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the crypto mining community has been taking advantage of the lower hardware prices during the holiday season, allowing miners to purchase the necessary equipment at a more affordable price. Miners are staying positive and resourceful during this time, making the best of the current market conditions and looking forward to when mining becomes more profitable again.

If you managed to grab any deals during the holiday sales, share your purchases and experiences in the comments below, and let’s support each other and the entire crypto mining community!

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  1. I am still mining no matter the condition. The power of Solar but earning at the lows. $0.78 per day for Six 6600XT. Horrible. I feel for those paying electric bills.

  2. THM yes I have purchased from them before a few times very good price for new miners, they always seem to have mini/box miners in stock even when goldshell does not, and they price is very close as well, I do know dxpool is affiliated with goldshell as a reseller,still don’t know why they keep their price so close to the manufacture.

  3. Can't justify buying hardware at all; even long term how can anyone guarantee "another Ethereum" that will pay as much to make it worth it even. It's way too risky.

  4. I picked up that GPU Risers all white bundle w/ 12 gpu frame, 12x risers, 12x splitters, 8x fans for $129!
    I also bought an Antminer T15 btc asic, and a control board for my Innosilicon A4+ ltc master, still buying….😁

  5. Ebay tends to favor buyers, not sellers. The buyer would pay sales tax, the product, and occasionally shipping. Sellers have the stupid fees like you mention

  6. I have been scooping up a ton of hardware. L3++ sub $250, one for $200, brand new still sealed in the cellophane and original box. It's been insane what people are letting things go for! LFG!!!!

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