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Helium 5G: A Guide to Breaking into the Next Frontier of Crypto Mining

In today’s increasingly digital era, mining cryptocurrency requires more innovation and adaptability. One emerging technology at the forefront of this evolution is Helium 5G. However, before we delve any further, it’s essential to acknowledge that investing in Helium 5G has its risks. This article takes you through two ways to join the Helium 5G world – a venture that carries substantial speculative weight. Remember, no project is a guaranteed gold mine. The journey can be as rocky as it is potentially rewarding.

A Quick Overview of Helium 5G

Over the past few months, I’ve delved into Helium 5G, learning about its potential and pitfalls. My journey revealed two avenues to joining the Helium 5G world, which I’ll discuss in this article.

1. Becoming an Operator & Owner

The first way to partake in Helium 5G is by becoming an operator and owner. You purchase all the hardware, install it, and manage it yourself. This method demands more time and effort since you handle all the technical aspects.

Understanding the Hardware

Two key components comprise the Helium 5G hardware – a Gateway (or Hotspot) and a Radio. Brands like Freedom 5, as found on, offer well-known hardware options. You might consider starting with a small Hotspot, but the more profitable venture involves investing in more robust Radio equipment. The initial investment outlay is significant – expect around $2500 – and this doesn’t account for installation labor, potential difficulties, and other unforeseen headaches.

Installation Challenges

It’s not enough simply to buy the hardware; it needs to be correctly installed for optimal function. Proper installation means renting a lift to get your radio high enough on your property, incurring further costs. Whether hands-on or skilled labor, the installation process can be taxing.

2. Investing in a Pre-Installed Managed Unit

An easier way to break into Helium 5G is through purchasing a pre-installed managed unit. This method requires you to think of yourself more as an investor. All the technical tasks – installations, management, troubleshooting – are handled by a professional team. Smoke&io is a viable source for pre-installed managed units. The investment for one of these units ranges but can start at $1600.

Understanding the Earnings

While you own the unit, remember that you’re not pocketing 100% of the earnings because someone else is managing your unit. Instead, you receive a fixed percentage (usually around 65% to 75%) depending on your agreement. Although less earnings may seem like a disadvantage, consider on the other side the time and expertise needed to optimally run your own rig.

Is It Worth It?

The question on everyone’s lips is naturally, “Is it worth it?” The answer isn’t straightforward because, as mentioned at the start, this venture is speculative. The potential and scope of 5G technology are undeniable – imagine if you had gotten into helium mining during its nascent stage. Yet, potential isn’t guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to invest in Helium 5G requires a careful weighing of your resources and the degree of risk you’re willing to take. Whether it’s buying the hardware and getting your hands dirty with the installation, or opting for a less hands-on approach by purchasing a pre-installed managed unit, both options come with their unique sets of opportunities and challenges. It’s crucial to remain informed and meticulous in your decision-making, as you join this exciting venture. The crypto world eagerly waits to witness the potential of Heilum 5G unfold.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I have a tree company outside of Philadelphia I know you don't want to disclose your location but we have 2. 75ft bucket trucks I could help you out with install if your within a reasonable distance from me. You can message me if your interested

  2. Hobbyist I usually really enjoy all your videos but this video has me questioning everything. Especially after all that got rug pulled on HNT and then they switched the miners from HNT to some trash coin. I mean Vosk won't even touch Helium 5g and he will shill just about anything that pays him.

  3. Would be fun to participate at an honest price of $100-$200 for the miner, but already got hosed by both Helium and Helium Deploy. Not keen on making the CEO, his cronies and the dealers even richer. Too bad, could've been a fun project if it weren't for all the greed.

  4. I have a 5G 1 radio on my roof. It's been a good experience. Mobile token shows up on HotBit exchange. It's about .000359 for a Mobile token. Hope this helps. Gary

  5. No no no.. no way in hell. Helium has shown they are a massive rug pull and I would be comfortable calling helium a scam coin. Love you hobbyist, but hate this coin.

  6. Was already treated like a red headed stepchild by Nebra/Helium wouldn't trade my spit for any kind of helium miner. lol Still have my outdoor nebra miner sitting around. I wonder if the rasberry Pi in it is useful to anyone?

  7. The only people getting in early on helium 5g are YouTubers who get sent the miners. I had to wait half a year to even get the Bobcat miner after ordering mine. Only way I get a 5g miner is if I make enough money off my bobcat but only made ~$20 so far.

  8. just to clarify, the FreedomFI/Bobcat 5G gateways offer no $MOBILE rewards or 5G coverage.

    you do need at least one indoor or outdoor small cell for $MOBILE token earnings.

  9. I'm sorry, normally I like your videos, but really? But "earn big" ? suppose not financial advice, right? I know you've said you look at it as speculation… do you know what Helium thinks of Vosk now? did you follow their discord? did they found you as their new Vosk?

  10. HNT was such a scam. I won't buy another hotspot. They keep changing everything and I won't fall for it again. If I miss out….so be it. They don't deserve our support.

  11. Already got burnt by helium once. Cannot do it again. Now the modems are even more expensive? Hard pass. Good luck on the 5G network though. Hope it works out for you.

  12. Helium licensed out a manufacturing license to a scam company which kept me waiting for a year on a preorder they allegedly sold to resellers and then had me waiting for another year while they continuely assured me my refund was coming every few weeks, even to go as far as to tell me that it was pending. Instead they filed for bankruptcy. Helium enabled the theft of thousands of dollars from hundreds of people. They're laughing

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