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Surviving The Heat: Crypto Mining in a 95 Degree Shed

Let’s paint a typical summer scenario for you. Imagine a sweltering day in Pennsylvania with temperatures pushing 95 degrees Fahrenheit. For some this might mean a day at the pool or sipping ice-cold lemonade under the shade of a tree. However, for the passionate crypto miner, this means it’s time for a crucial check on how their crypto mining rig held up in the high summer heat. So as the sun drops and the temperatures read a relatively cooler 84 degrees, it’s time to take a look inside the ‘hot’ world of a crypto miner.

Introducing The Rig and The Setup

If you’re intrigued by how the stage is set for crypto mining, let’s get right into it. The system essentially pulls from outside temperatures, capitalising on any small respite the weather provides to alleviate the workload on the heavy-duty, heat emitting machinery within.

On a day when the outside temperature has dropped from a scorching 95 degrees to 84-85 degrees, as it was on this given day, the mining setup becomes particularly interesting.

A Look at the Intake Wall

At the heart of this ingenious crypto mining setup is our ‘intake wall’. The intake wall’s purpose is to draw in air, thereby leveraging outside temperatures to cool the system. As mentioned earlier, on this specific day, the intake wall’s reading was 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

Behold, the Exhaust Wall

Opposite the intake wall is the exhaust wall. This is where the process comes full circle. The exhaust wall is equipped with two fans, each with a speed dial that goes up to 10. On this day, the fans were set at a speed of 5.

What’s remarkable is the exhaust wall’s ability to function efficiently without impacting the performance of the Asics and GPUs. The exhaust wall’s reading of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, especially under such high external temperatures, is indeed a testament to the effective cooling mechanism in place.

The Role of the Fans

You might wonder what the significance is of the fans and their speed scale of up to 10. Here’s where their role becomes evident: The fans aid in the process of drawing in cooler air from outside and expelling the hot air generated by the system, thereby maintaining a stable temperature within the mining setup. A notch at level 5 on a particularly hot day ensured that the temperature was kept in check at 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Odyssey of Happy Mining

Further peeling back the layers, one could see a swarm of Asics and GPUs engaged rigorously in action, mining away triumphantly. In such an intense environment, these powerful machines are the star actors, generating wealth in the form of cryptocurrency.

Despite the high external temperatures, these pieces of hardware held up admirably, with no incidences of overheating. This is a testament not only to the robustness of the system but also to the efficacy of the cooling mechanism we have in place.

Conclusion: The Resiliency and Ingenuity of Crypto Mining

Amidst all the technical jargon and numbers, the takeaway is much simpler. It’s all about the passion for the art and science of crypto mining and the determination to keep the machines running, regardless of external factors – even if it means contending with a 95-degree summer day in Pennsylvania.

Such tenacity, paired with ingenious systems design, continues to keep the world of cryptocurrency ticking, enriching the crypto ecosystem and everyone connected to it – all thanks to the resilience, ingenuity and the tireless dedication of the passionate crypto miners.

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  1. I would have just added a 12k or 18k btu mini split. Easily would keep the whole things whatever temp you needed depending on what model and how cold it gets.

  2. I just bought a heat pump water heater from Rheem. It heats water using hot air and it exhausts cold air as a waste product. You would be getting free hot water and cooling the shed at the same time. If you have never done plumbing before, PEX pipe is as close to "plug and play" as it gets. Level up.

  3. Corse it is hot.. told you when ya made it 😂

    Canopy over the top of it…. You have a hotbox 😂

    4 fans. Only 2 on ?
    Take 2 away block holes 😂
    Get better filter media 😂
    You can here it trying to suck air….

  4. Rvwr thought about running dynamat sound insulation? Or the special coating they use to dampen the road noise under the vehicles carriage or even urea treatments which are practically bulletproof.

    Im trying to think of how I can create a sterile laboratory like environment in a aquarium or self made acrylic enclosure. But thanks.

  5. THM awesome 👏 your shed is working perfectly ! 95* next test is at 105-110* I think that’s about the max we see during summer! Your setup is perfect! Move that air in/out as quickly as you can!

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